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[Aptitude] PnC: How many Ways to arrange letters of word “RECUPERATE” (Permutation without Formulas)

When you form words using alphabets (or letters), the ‘order’ matters. Three alphabets T,A,C Now you form words: CAT is not same as ACT; both words have different meanings hence order matters. This is a permuation problem. Case 1: All letters are different Case 2: Word [...]

[Aptitude] Food/Water will last for how many days?

Case: Dying villagers and water supply Case: Constant villagers and Water supply Mock questions Case: Dying villagers and water supply Ramgarh had population of 120 people and water supply for 210 days. But after 10 days, 40 villages die. How long will the remaining water last? We can [...]

Nigvekar Committee reforms on Civil Service Mains exam

[Nigvekar] Mains Reforms: Why GS papers ridiculously long in Mains-2013 (5000 words)? Because Nigvekar told them + many more shockers (Part 3 of 4)

Prologue Shocker#1: Why was GS Mains 2013 too long? (5000 words) Shocker#2: Mains paper is checked by Single Examiner! Shocker#3: Nigvekar did not recommend world history & World geography etc. Shocker#4: Why IFoS merged with IAS/IPS exam? Mains Reforms Essay & Language papers [...]

Discuss micro-economics. How is micro-economics useful in analysing market mechanism that establish relative prices and allocation of limited resources amongst many alternative uses?

Ans. Micro-economics - The term 'micro' means small. Therefore, micro-economics deals with the economic actions of individuals and groups of individuals and firms. This can be stated in another way that microeconomics presents the economic microscopic view of the company. In the words of K.E. [...]