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Supreme Court’s highway liquor ban: Judicial overreach or not, Current Affairs – 5th April, 2017

Supreme Court’s highway liquor ban: Judicial overreach or not? India’s Supreme Court decided in December 2016 that the presence of shops and restaurants selling liquor near highways was leading to drunken driving, which cause the vast majority of fatal road accidents in the country. So [...]


[Food Processing] Edible Oil: Supply-Chain, Upstream, Downstream, Onion-Crisis and ofcourse Desi-liquor

Prologue Edible oil: Scope-Significance Edible oil: Location Upstream issues #1: Low supply of oilseed #2: Oil palm cultivation #3: Improve yields per hectare #4: Rice Bran #5: Tree borne oilseeds (TBO) @processing level Downstream issues #1: Tax Uncertainty #2: Health concerns #3: Adulteration [...]

[Laws] DESI liquor special edition Kerala, Mizoram & IPS Training, Tribal insurgency

Mizoram permits DESI liquor Kerala wants to ban DESI Liquor IPS training academy bans DESI liquor Tribal insurgency in pre and post-independent India Mizoram permits DESI liquor 1995: Mizoram passed law to completely ban liquor. But later Government feels that “total” prohibition has harmed [...]