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Variable Frequency Oscillator Gain Limiting

Variable Frequency Oscillator Gain Limiting The VFO is one of the main subsystems in a transceiver. It sets the operating frequency for both reception and transmission. In order to “tune” to other frequencies, we actually change the frequency of this variable frequency oscillator. Two general [...]

Limiting and Clamping Diode Circuits

Voltage Doubler. Special Diode Types . We’ll finish up our discussion of diodes in this lecture by consider a few more applications. We’ll discuss limiting and clamping circuits for diodes as well as voltage doubling circuits. Voltage Limiting Circuits These types of circuits are used to “cap” [...]

How far is profit maximization the basic objective of a firm ? What are the reasons for limiting profit ?

Ans. The fundamental objective for the existence of a business organization is to create value for the shareholders. The key shareholders of any firm are its owners. The owners want to maximize their wealth by availing profitable business opportunities. Thus, maximization of profits is [...]