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[ML16] Mains Revision & Answer Writing: Narasimha Rao: His Foreign Policy (GS1)? LPG = Growth Imp than redistribution (GS3)? Lesson from life of Reformer (GS4)?

Prologue ML16/RaoGS1: Narasimha Rao’s Diplomacy & Answer writing Basics ML16/RaoGS3: Rao’s economic reforms, liberalization & industrial policy ML16/RaoGS4: LPG Legacy: growth > redistribution? & 3 Model Answers Prologue I’m starting the new lecture series for Mains-2016 revision and answer writing. Only selected topics will be [...]

[Judgement] Code for Compulsory Costs- to teach lesson to frequent litigators

Historic Background What is “Code for Compulsory Costs”? Why do we need Code for compulsory costs? Anti-arguments Historic Background SAHARA opened two companies and issued OFCD (optionally fully convertible debentures) to public without permission from SEBI (2011) SEBI ordered them to refund money with [...]