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Re-engaging with Europe, Political funding: Maintaining transparency Current Affairs 5th June, 2017

Re-engaging with Europe Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Germany, Spain, Russia and France brings into sharp focus the shared dilemma India and Europe face with America’s shifting policies, and the resultant flux on the world stage. Europe’s disappointment with Mr. Trump: German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 29th June, 2016

India – Sri Lanka: Fishing in troubled waters India – Sri Lanka Concerns: The issue of poaching by Indian trawlers in Sri Lankan waters has over the years become an increasingly contentious one, seriously threatening the livelihood of Sri Lanka’s fishing community. Other problems such [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 28th June, 2016

Healthcare needs to meet Skilled India India’s public health care system is patchy, with underfunded and overcrowded hospitals and clinics, inadequate rural coverage, and a shortage of qualified medical practitioners and personnel. The shortage of qualified medical professionals is one of the key challenges [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 25th June, 2016

Post-legislative scrutiny – for better governance and better country The below article argues for developing a policy tool which can regulate and review the laws that are already enacted and implemented. In other words, there is an urgent need for Post-legislative scrutiny to improve the quality [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 1st June, 2016

Judicial Activism or Judicial Adventurism? Doctrine of separation of powers: The doctrine of separation of powers implies that each pillar of democracy – the executive, legislature and the judiciary – perform separate functions and act as separate entities. The executive is vested with the power to [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 2nd June, 2016

India as the “world’s human resource capital” Why there is a need for Skill Development? To convert Quantitative Dividend to Qualitative Dividend: India’s biggest challenge remains having a young population that is unemployable due to lack of skills. As much as 50 per cent of [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 3rd June, 2016

Public Sector Enterprises The Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) have been a strategic lever for Indian economic development in both pre-independence and post-independence era. With the opening of the economy and changes in the market dynamics, with private sector playing a greater role in [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 7th June, 2016

For creating “Vibrant Cities”: Decentralise and Empower City Governments  Municipal Governance: Background In 1992, India took some early steps to recognize metropolitan regions as agglomerations requiring coordinated economic and spatial planning. Towards this end it also passed the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992 74th constitutional amendment added [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 8th June, 2016

India’s increased role in West Asia India and Gulf countries: In the last 10 months, the new government under PM Modi has engaged with almost all the Gulf countries and every interaction has yielded substantial agreements which will take bilateral relations into new areas and reshape [...]