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What is C++ ? An Introduction to programming with C++

  I am beginning a series of articles about C++ programming language. So lets begin with a simple C++ program as shown below. #include int main() { cout<<"My first C++ code"<<"\t"; // This is a C++ comment return 0; } This piece of code when executed, outputs a line of [...]

How is ARM Programming Different?

  Programming ARM MCUs – What is Different? There are very, very few engineers or electronics enthusiasts who started programming with ARM microcontrollers right away. Most come to ARM looking for higher processing capabilities, with a background in simple 8-bit MCUs. In the previous article on How [...]

[BES16] Economic Survey → Sectors →Deflationary spiral, Philip Curve, Stagflation, Wedge between CPI-WPI, Is India’s GDP overstated?

BES164/P6: Deflationary spiral, Phillips Curve, Stagflation, Creeping-Galloping-Hyper inflation BES164/P7: Is India’s GDP overstated? Why wedge between WPI vs CPI, Rural vs Urban CPI? BES164/P6: Deflationary spiral, Phillips Curve, Stagflation, Creeping-Galloping-Hyper inflation General price level, aggregate supply and demand. Inflationary Gap, Factors related to cost [...]

CSAT-2016-projection and revision

[Prelim-2016] Is your Revision-ship sailing in the right direction? or just wasting time scavenging “material” from 50 sources?

Prologue Polity: Laxmikanth and Non-Laxmikanth Economy: Easy Questions Economy: Tough Questions- Yearbook type KVIC statements Silk Varieties descending order Should I read Yearbook-2016 now? Environment: NIOS+NCERT is Zindabaad, here’s why Environment: Easy questions direct from NCERT & NIOS Environment: tough MCQs Geography: India [...]

The world is flat

Creative Guidance: Book Review – The world is flat – Thomas L. Friedman

The metaphor of a flat world, used by Friedman to describe the next phase of globalization, is ingenious. It came to him after hearing an Indian software executive explain how the world’s economic playing field was being leveled. For a variety of reasons, what [...]


Creative Guidance – Life is always a step ahead of you – Inspirational & Educative Articles

Life is always a step ahead of you :  The whole journey of life is a process of catching up with something that was never there in the first place. What you are trying to reach always seems to be just out of reach. Very [...]


Creative Guidance – It is an Adventure – Inspirational & Educative Articles

It is an Adventure Almost everybody who has ever lived has tried to understand life and put it into one category or another. The greatest mystery of life is that it can fit into almost any category and at the same time remain beyond all [...]


Creative Guidance – What is NLP? – Inspirational & Educative Articles

What is NLP? NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. As the name suggests it is a way of effecting change in individuals by using the power of language and our thinking process. NLP was co-founded by Richard Bandler through a unique process of modeling. Bandler started [...]


Creative Guidance – Success is a Way of Life – Inspirational & Educative Articles

Success is a Way of Life: Most people look at success as an accomplishment of a goal, attainment of a vision, fulfillment of a purpose, completion of a journey, the end of a struggle. Very rarely do people recognize success for what it truly is; [...]


Creative Guidance – Mind is Time – Inspirational & Educative Articles

Mind is Time: It is not time that needs management it is your mind. Time is a neutral entity; it simply exists without any change. It is only your mind that gives meaning and value to time. When so many of you are worrying about [...]


Creative Guidance – Attitude is your Identity – Inspirational & Educative Articles

Attitude is your Identity Most of you think that the world recognizes you for your talent and capabilities; but in reality there is no other identity for you than your attitude. Success or failure is not a result of just your efforts and actions; it [...]

Image of Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe the Legendary Canadian Ice Hockey Player is No More

Gordie Howe the Legendary Canadian ice hockey player passed away at Toledo, US at the age of 88 years, during his career he got nickname Mr. Hockey and had spent most of his career with the Detroit Red Wings, winning the Stanley Cup four [...]