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[Studyplan] India 2013 Yearbook: Approach to IR, Diplomacy, Diaspora, Communication, IT and Mass Comm (part 3 of 6)

International relations (IR)/ Diplomacy / Diaspora India’s foreign relations India’s economic relations Diplomacy: Topics , Issues Diplomacy: MCQ/2m Organizations Policies Schemes Comm n IT: organizations Comm n IT: policies Comm n IT: Schemes Comm n IT: Topics/issues Comm n IT: laws Comm n [...]


[Download] General Studies Paper2:(Polity, IR) of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam 2013, topicwise separated, original-scan uploaded

Prologue General Studies Paper II: Topicwise Polity(80m) Indian Constitution (40m) Fedaralism (30m) Statutory Bodies (10m) Yearbook/Planning/Development(70m) Welfare Schemes (50m) NGO/SHG/Pressure Group (20m) Transparency/ Good Governance (20m) IR/Diplomacy (80m) Neighbours (60m) Policies of countries (10m) Intl.Organizations (10m) General Studies Paper II: Linear General Studies [...]

[Download] Political Science & IR Mains 2013 Paper 1 & Paper 2 for UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Exam Optional Subject Paper

Instruction Political Science Paper 1 Section A Political Science Paper I Section B Political Science Paper II: Section-A Political Science Paper 2: Section-B Instruction In paper I, they’ve not mentioned wordlimit for each question, but in paper II: 15 marks = 200 words and [...]

[Write2Win] Result of December 2013 competition + Free Notes for Everyone: Iran deal, Critically endangered species ready reference table, Pressure group, IR, Economy, Polity and more

Prologue Constant contributors=separate author page Platinum Category articles The Winners Gold Category Articles Silver Category articles Rejected Download Links Epilogue Prologue First, Happy New Year to all. My best wishes that 2014 brings you all the success in competitive exams that you ever wanted. But [...]

CDS- Trend of last 3 Exams

[Answerkey] CDS-2014: Economy, Current affairs, PIN, Sports, Books, IR, Defence MCQ solved with explanation

CDS (I) 2014: overall Analysis Span of current affairs Economy MCQs solved with explanation Business / labour related [4MCQ] Taxation related [1MCQ] Poverty, inflation, planning [3MCQ] Misc.GK: authors vs concept [1MCQ] International relation/IR related [5MCQ] Defense related [3MCQ] PIN: Persons in News [5MCQ] [...]


[IR Revision] PM Modi’s Foreign Visits in 2015, Maritime Diplomacy, Blue Economy, India-Africa Summit Style Diplomacy by Pratik Nayak

Prologue IR1/P2: PM Narendra Modi’s Foreign Visits in 2015 IR1/P3: Maritime Diplomacy, Blue Economy, IORA IR1/P4: India –Africa, summit Style Diplomacy Prologue Continuation of Mr.Pratik Nayak’s lecture series on selected topics from International relations for the Mains examination revision. Lecture Videos available under: Youtube.com/user/TheMrunalPatel [...]

IR2-P1-one-belt-one-road-International North South Corridor

[IR Revision] China’s One Belt One Road, International North South Corridor, TPP, RCEP & Globalization

Prologue IR2/P1: China’s Silk Road One Belt One Road Initiative IR2/P2: TPP, RCEP-Meaning- implications on India IR2/P3: Globalisation & its effect on Indian Society IR2/P4: International North South Corridor & its Significance for India Prologue Last session in Mr.Pratik Nayak’s lecture series on selected [...]