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PM Modi has recently laid foundation stone for the construction of Delhi-Dasna-Meerut 14 lane expressway and up gradation of 22 KM long Dasna-Hapur section of NH-24, which is Rs. 7,566 crore. PM highlighted the importance of road connectivity in the economic development of the country. [...]

[Economy] Infrastructure Debt Funds (IDF), Withholding Tax, EPFO Angle: Meaning, Concept, Explained

What is Infrastructure? Why is Infrastructure important? What is the problem with Infrastructure? What is problem with Banks? Mechanism of Infrastructure Debt Fund Attracting investors What is withholding Tax? First IDF Why EPFO interested in Infra-Debt Funds? What is Infrastructure? Things that are essential for [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch11] Infrastructure (Part 1 of 2): Coal, Gas, Fuel Sharing Agreement (FSA), gas hydrate, oil shale

Prologue Infra India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) Elasticity of energy use Consumption pattern Energy Pricing Petroleum products pricing Gas pricing Coal Pricing Coal Sector Types of Coal Peat Lignite / Brown coal Bituminous/ Black-Coal Anthracite / hard coal SING-rauli vs reni PSUs [...]

[Economic Survey Ch11] Infrastructure (Part 2 of 2) Electricity, Renewable Energy, Bagasse Cogeneration

Electricity The Electricity Act,2003 Central Electricity Authority (CEA), PSU under Power Ministry Statutory bodies under Power Ministry Ultra Mega Power Project Initiatives National Grid Nuke Sites in India Hydropower North-East: power problems Rural Electrification RGGVY Private sector participation Finance IREDA POWER FINANCE CORPORATION [...]

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[Result] September Writing Competition + Revision notes for everyone: representation of people’s Act, internal security, infrastructure and more

Prologue No. of entries received Goodwill Contributions Top-12 3-Winners Top-25 Top-44 Other Notable Entries Rejected entries Download ZIP file Prologue A writing competition was held in September. (Last date to submit was 25th September 2013) All good entries combined in a zip file- Download [...]

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[Economy] Current 2014 Feb Week 1: FDI, Regulatory Bodies, Infrastructure (Part 2 of 3)

Prologue [Act III] FDI related current affairs [2014FebWeek1] [FDI] Multi brand Retail: “Gaddari” by Delhi & Rajasthan [FDI] Lobbying by Walmart and Amazon [FDI] Railways: FM, HM oppose Chinese FDI [FDI] Drugs Pharmaceuticals [FDI] Vodafone: fully foreign owned [FDI] Andhra favorite despite Telengana [...]

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[Current] April-Week4-P2: Economy- WTO SPS Agreement EU Ban on Indian Mango, HDFC Bank Foreign Investment FII problem, SC guideline on Cheque bouncing, RBI’s Public Key infrastructure (PKI)

Prologue E1: [WTO SPS Agreement] EU Ban on Indian Mangoes Mango Ban: Timeline / Sequence of Events India’s stand on EU Mango Ban Anti-Arguments Preventive measures against Fruit Fly Sample question for Mains  E2: [Banking] HDFC Bank vs FIPB: Foreign investment Problem Foreign [...]

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[Economic Survey] Ch13 P4: Rural & Urban Infrastructure, REITs, Smart Cities, Swatchh Bharat, Rurban, Gram Jyoti

Prologue [Act I] Rural Infrastructure (RI) RINS1: Rurban Mission RINS2: Gram Jyoti Mission RIES1: Indira Awas Yojana RIES2: Rural housing fund (NHB) RIES3: National rural Drinking water Program (NRDWP) RIES4: Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan RINS1 (NEW) Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan RIES5: Backward Region Grant Fund [...]

Economic Survey ch11 Indian Railbudget topics index

[Infrastructure] Rail-Budget 2014, Tariff Authority, Biodiesel, Biotoilets, FDI & more

Prologue [Act 1] Railways: GK & Static Theory Railway budget vs General Budget Railway Gauges (British Legacy) Railways: Train types [Act 2] Railways: Current / Contemporary topics C1: Pir Panjal Tunnel, Qazigund Banihal C2: What is Cross subsidization in Railways? C3: What is [...]

Cover Economic Survey Shipping aviation

[Infrastructure] Shipping & Port infrastructure, Major ports, FDI, Sethu Samudram, Budget 2014 announcement

Prologue [Act 1] Shipping S1: Major ports on West Coast S2: Major Ports on East Coast S3: Economic Survey: Shipping reforms S4: Budget 2014: Shipping related announcement S4: TAMP: Tariff Authority for Major Ports S5: Sethu Samudram Prologue Economic Survey Ch11. Energy, Infrastructure and Communications. [...]

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[Infrastructure] Project Sagarmala, Port Infrastructure in India, Problems & Reforms

What is Project Sagarmala? Port Infrastructure bottlenecks What is Project Sagarmala? China’s String of Pearls = aims to surround India by developing ports in neighbor countries and possible convert them in military base at later stage. But Project Sagarmala only aims to improve India’s [...]

Cover Economic Survey highways infrastructure PPP

[Infrastructure] PPP challenges & reforms, 3P-India, highway projects, Industrial corridors, DMIC vs DFC, Golden vs Diamond quadrilateral

Prologue [Act 1] Infrastructure Corridors GK/theory C1: (Rail) Dedicated Freight Corridor Project C2: (Road) Industrial corridors: DMIC C3: Other industrial corridors C4: Golden vs. Diamond Quadrilateral C5: (Road) North South, East West corridor Budget 2014: industrial corridor announcements [Act 2] Road infrastructure R1: [...]