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INDIAN Army – The Symbol Of Courage, Valor And Sacrifice

January 15, 1949: Field Marshal K M. Kariappa, the first Indian Commander-in-Chief, took over from a British General. Since then this day is being celebrated as Indian Army Day. What is the significance of this day for the country and for the army? Though we got [...]

World Health Day and Role of AYUSH in the Indian Health Care System

World health day and Role of AYUSH in the Indian health care system:   The theme of this year world health day is “Diabetes” Diabetes is the fast growing ailment among vast majority the people nowadays. Sedentary life style, lack of proper food habits, stressful lives [...]

Launch of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System

AIR Debate – Launch of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System  ISRO recently launched the final satellite of IRNSS series and have successfully placed it in its orbit. IRNSS is an independent regional navigation satellite system being developed by India. It is designed to provide accurate [...]


  संघीय संसद (INDIAN PARLIAMENT) हमारे संविधान के अन्तर्गत केन्द्रीय विधान-मण्डल को संसद की संज्ञा दी गयी है और यह संसद द्विसदनात्मक सिद्धान्त के आधार पर गठित की गयी है। संविधान के अनुच्छेद 79 में लिखा है: ’संघ के लिए एक संसद होगी जो राष्ट्रपति और [...]

2016 International Dublin Literary Award Won by Indian-American Author Akhil Sharma

The prestigious 2016 International Dublin Literary Award has been won by an Indian American author Akhil Sharma for his semi-autobiographical novel �Family Life. � His novel was shortlisted out of a preliminary 160 suggestions by a panel of judges of award that involved novelists [...]

CARICOM Nations map

[Diplomacy] Indian and CARICOM (Caribbean Community and Commons Market) for GS Mains Paper II

Timeline of Events What is Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ)? 2m What is Caricom Single Market (CSM)? 2m Member states of CARICOM Functions/ goals / aims of CARICOM Organization structure of CARICOM Limitation / Problem areas in CARICOM Write a note on India [...]

Greece sovereign debt crisis

[Economy] What If Greece Exits from Eurozone? Implications on Indian and World Economy

How does Government finance its operations? What is Sovereign Debt? What is Sovereign Debt Crisis? Why Greece has high Sovereign Debt? TimeLine of Events January 2010 February 2012: Auserity Bill May 2012: Elections in Greece What’s the EU Exit Rumor? consequences IF Greece [...]

[Economy] Why would Mohan want Indian juntaa to be financially educated?

What is Capital market, Primary market and Secondary market? What’s the problem with Capital market? Why do Indians not invest in sharemarket? What is financial Education? National Strategy for Financial Education $1 trillion investment in Infrastructure projects Technical stuff: What is Financial Stability [...]

[Economy] Steps taken by Indian Government to enhance the Capital Market?

Before talking about the steps taken by Government to strengthen / improve the Capital Market, million dollar question is, what is Capital market? Ans- already explained in my earlier articles. Now here is the list of reforms initiated for Capital Market. Anyways, to put this in [...]

Indian Art Architecture Bundi school

[Culture] Indian Art Architecture and Painting Schools (Mindmap cum note)

This is a note cum mindmap on Indian Art Architecture is shared by a regular reader who wishes to remain anonymous. If you want to contribute any more data in this topic, please share it in comments! Gandhara Art Rajput painting Saranatha pillar Gopurum [...]

[Download] Indian Culture and Heritage Study Material (Hindi/English) from NOS/NIOS for Free

Here is some really good study material on Indian Culture and Heritage from National Open School (NOS) now renamed as NIOS. The content is less boring and more structured than Spectrum’s book on Indian Culture + truckload of 2 markers scattered throughout the paragraphs. By the [...]

sub prime lending

[Economy] Fiscal Cliff: Meaning, Reasons, Implications on US and Indian Economy explained

What was Subprime crisis? What was US-Government’s response to Sub-prime crisis? What is Fiscal cliff? Why is Fiscal cliff bad for US Economy? What will be the Effect of Fiscal Cliff on India? Fiscal Cliff= new kid in the town. His parents are (1) [...]