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Tribal Rights and Ecology, India’s tourism potential and World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) travel and tourism competitiveness index, Current Affairs 27th April, 2017

Tribal Rights and Ecology Introduction India being a diverse landmass with a huge forest area faces competing challenges and priorities. It is significant to uphold the tribal rights and include them in ecological conservation. An exclusionary policy is detrimental and not in line with spirit of [...]

On 2016 Global Peace Index India Secured 141st Position

India has secured 141st spot in a Global Peace Index (GPI) for year 2016 out of 163 countries and which describe India is a less peaceful country. The by global think Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has ranked 163 countries on bases of [...]

Polity Census SECC tablet

[Rights Issue] Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011: Purpose, Benefits, Features, Deprivation index

SECC-2011: WHY needed? Census Difference: Regular vs SECC Confidential? BPL: SECC vs Planning Commission Poverty: UN Definition Poverty Line: India Tendulkar SECC-Players involved Procedure Data collection SECC: Methodology #1: Automatically Excluded #2: Automatically Included #3: Deprivation indicator 7 deprivation indicators: Followup SECC Advantages? [...]


[Economy] Index Theory: WPI, CPI, IIP, Components, Baseyear; Core vs Headline inflation, Laspeyre’s formula explained

Prologue [Act 1] WHO calculates WPI, CPI, IIP? [Act 2] WHEN they publish WPI, CPI, IIP? [Act 3] WHERE do they get data for WPI, CPI, IIP? WPI Data Collection CPI Data collection IIP Data Collection [Act 4] WHAT are the components of [...]

National Air Quality index

[GS3] Pollution: National Air Quality Index, SAFAR Technology, Parafoil Drone, Pthalates

#1: National Air quality index (AQI): WHY? Features of new AQI Criticism of new Air Quality Index #2: SAFAR #3: Smog sucker Chinese Parafoil drone #4: Pthalates, Airfresheners and Pollution Mock Questions National Air quality index (AQI): WHY? Mains Relevance: GS3: Environmental Pollution. Part [...]

Man Who knew infinity Ramanujan

[Current Affairs] 2016-April/P2: Books, Authors, Movies, Sports, Awards; Dengvexia, Heat Index, Autism

Science technology and innovations Books, authors, awards Movies in news Sports Dead in News Days in News Science technology and innovations As such not many developments on science-tech front these days ever since Indianexpress and theHindu went crazy over Panama Papers/loan-writeoff and Intolerance/Kainyaa respectively. Autism It [...]