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[Diplomacy] WCIT Conference Dubai, ITU: Why failed, Internet Censorship, ICANN, DNS explained

What is ITU? What does ITU do? Why Conference in Dubai? How does Internet work? Why do Russia China hate ICANN? What is ICANN? Functions of ICANN Why did WCIT Conference fail? Why USA opposed the ITU treaty? #1: Internet Governance #2: Network [...]

Timeline International relations-April 2014- Week1 IR

[USA] Obama reforms NSA after Snowden & hands over ICANN to World

Obama’s NSA reforms Obama handsover over ICANN to world D1: Obama’s NSA reforms Interview Questions: What do you know about NSA snoop gate? How is President Obama planning to fix it? What do you know about Patriot Act and Freedom Act? Do you think we [...]

Rohingyas migration map

[Current] March-Week3-Part2: Economy, Diplomacy related: RFPI Investors, CPSE Exchange Traded Funds, GSDP, Rohingya Migrants, ICANN control, OTBA scheme

[Act 4] Economy Related E1: RBI: RFPI = FII + QFI E2: RBI: more banks can import gold under 80/20 rule E3: CPSE-ETF Exchange Traded Funds E4: State GSDP: Chindu feels something fishy E5: Gas Pricing postponed on EC order [Act 5] Diplomacy [...]