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[IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 3 of 5) Banking, Economy, Current Affairs, HR and GK related questions for BankPO/MT

Prologue Banking related Questions in IBPS interview Banking Theory / Current affairs Banking Theory Banking Topics on Mrunal.org/Economy Banking Current Previous Interview Questions Economy related Current Affairs related Question HRM GK questions Prologue Total five articles on how to prepare for IBPS Bank Interviews Stop [...]

[Diplomacy] MFN Status for India in Pakistan: Meaning, implications; Reforms in MEA, APF-HR conference

D1: If Pakistan gives MFN Status to India D2: Reforms in Ministry of External Affairs D3: APF-Human rights conference 2014 D1: If Pakistan gives MFN Status to India Q. What is MFN? What benefits could Indian gain by MFN-status in Pakistan? Why hasn’t the deal [...]

RBI Committees made by Raghuram Rajan

[Banking] P.J.Nayak Committee 51% shareholding, Gopalkrishna Committee HR reforms in Banks & Non-Banks

Prologue T1: PJ Nayak Committee on Board governance Reform #1: Repeal laws Reform #2: Bank Investment Company Reform #3: Temporary “BBB” Misc. Reform #1: Age and tenure reforms Misc. Reform #2: Private shareholding Nayak Pro arguments #1: competitiveness #2: CVC-CAG-Risk aversion #3: Fiscal [...]