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WTO GATS agreement

[Economy] WTO Doha Made Easy for UPSC and MBA Group Discussion Interviews

Tariff barriers Non-Tariff barriers Annex #1 Annex : GATT #2 : Annex of GATS (services) #3 : TRIPS TRIPS =Trade related intellectual property rights Time limit What was before WTO? India & WTO What did India Gain from WTO? DOHA what is DOHA? [...]

[Result] SBI PO Written Exam (Phase-1) Result released, Group Discussion & Interview starts from 3rd July

The written test of SBI PO was held on 28.04.2013. Now, SBI has released the list of successful candidates. (Unlike UPSC which takes months to declare any result.) The roll numbers of successful candidates, available on in this PDF (click me to Download) [...]

SSB tasks and tests

[CDS/SSB] Tips on interview stage: PPDT, group discussion, GTO tasks, tests, technical details, suggestions

Strategy for Combined Defense Service (written stage), already given in a separate article click me. This current article deals with the interview stage (written by a guest author Mr.Ketankumar Patil.) Information Letter Date of reporting + Absentee Batch Travelling Allowance @the SSB centre Day#1: [...]

[Write2Win] Result of December 2013 competition + Free Notes for Everyone: Iran deal, Critically endangered species ready reference table, Pressure group, IR, Economy, Polity and more

Prologue Constant contributors=separate author page Platinum Category articles The Winners Gold Category Articles Silver Category articles Rejected Download Links Epilogue Prologue First, Happy New Year to all. My best wishes that 2014 brings you all the success in competitive exams that you ever wanted. But [...]

[SBI-PO] Please share interview-Group Discussion experience in comments, for the benefit of future aspirants-

Kindly post your SBI GDPI experience in comment. All good and detailed entries will be updated back into this article later (just like Wiz84, Uttam, Elias). So that it help the future SBI PO aspirants. Thanks in advance. Interview Experience: Wiz84 (8th Oct, Rajasthan) Interview Experience: [...]

Explain the following type of group decision-making briefly- • . (i) Nominal group technique (ii) Brain storming (iii) Delphi technique (iv) quality circle

 Ans.(i) Nominal Group Technique- Nominal group technique (NGT) is a structured group meeting which restricts verbal communication among members during the decision-making process. It is meant to resolve differences n group opinion by having individuals produce and then rank a series of ideas m the [...]

What is a group decision making ?

Ans. Groups play an important role in decision making in organization. Most of the decisions in organizations are made in a group context only because they offer the advantages of experience; wide knowledge and mutual support. Groups such as committees, study teams, task forces, [...]

Management is a process through which individual and group Effort are co-ordinated towards group goals”. Comment on this statement. Or “Management is a process through which individual and group efforts Are co-ordinated towards group goals.” Comment on the above statement.

Ans. The above given definition requires to be expanded as- (i) As -managers, people carry out the managerial functions of Planning organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. (ii) Management applies to any type of organization. (iii) It applies to managers at all organizational levels. (iv) The goal of all [...]