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[Economy] Excise Duty on Gold in Budget 2012: Reasons and Implications, Why Jewelers are protesting?

In the union budget 2012, government increased the tax on gold jewelry, and the Jewelers all over India have gone on strike. They’re agitating and protesting and demanding for the withdrawal of these taxes. Budget provision TDS@Source Rupee weakens due to Gold obsession Why Indians [...]

[Economic Survey Ch1] Investment, Savings, Gold Rush, Inflation Indexed Bonds (Part 2 of 3)

INVESTMENT #1: Tight monetary policy #2: Exports declined #3: Policy bottlenecks #4: investment in Valuables DOMESTIC SAVINGS Decline in share-debentures GOLD RUSH Why do people invest in gold? Gold -Current Account Deficit (CAD) How to stop gold rush? Inflation indexed bonds Mock Questions INVESTMENT [...]


[BES16] Economic Survey → BoP→ Gold Monetization Scheme, Sovereign Gold Bond, Mauritius-DTAA, Helicopter Money

Prologue BES163-P1: Balance of Payment, Gold Monetization Scheme BES163-P2: Capital Account, FDI, FII, E-Commerce, Mauritius DTAA BES163-P3: Helicopter Money, Rules of Monetary Policy, ECB-framework Prologue Third pillar of Economy- balance of payment and international trade- covering the updates from latest budget and economic survey. [...]

[Economy] Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Gold Deposit scheme, Elasticity of Demand explained

Gold deposit scheme (1999) Gold Exchange traded fund (2006) What is exchange traded funds? How does ETF work? How does Gold ETF work? Gold ETF: Pros Gold ETF: Cons Linking Gold ETF with Gold Deposit Scheme (2013) Gold deposit scheme (2013) Gold =Inelastic? [...]


[Economy Lecture] Bitcoins, Virtual Currency, Silkroad, Mt-Gox, IMF-SDR Gold standard, WTO structure-functions

Prologue L6/P1: IMF, SDR, Quota reform & Gold standard Exchange rate L6/P2: WTO, Bali Package, Food subsidy issue, TFA L6/P3: Money- evolution and functions L6/P4: Bitcoins- mechanism, money laundering, RBI’s stand Prologue On 27th February 2015, My lecture at IMF-WTO-Bitcoin at Sardar Patel institute [...]