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[Culture] Tribals of India: Classification, Geographical Spread – For GS Mains Paper I (Culture + Human Geography)

Classification A: Based on Ethnicity Group I: Negritos Group II: The Mongoloid Group III: Mediterranean (Dravidians) Classification B: Based on Location Zone 1: Northern and North-Eastern Himachal Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Zone II: Central Bihar Rajasthan Gujarat and Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh West Bengal Orissa [...]

Madurai Malli

[Economy] Geographical Indication GI-tag: Features, Issues, benefits, Madurai Malli, Meerut scissors

What is GI tag? How is GI different than trademark? Mechanism: Internationally Mechanism India: GI Act 99 Problem/issue with GI Act? Pakistani Basmati Meerut scissors Madurai Malli Entire list? Mock Questions What is GI tag? Geographical Indication tag. A GI tag =A particular item [...]

Ancient India Saraswati River

[OldNCERT] Ancient India: Geographical Background of Ancient Indian History and Civilization

Monsoon & Mountain passes The Himalayas The Sindhu or Indus Ganga Brahmaputra Deccan Plateau and Central India Western Side of Central Indian Plateau Climate & Coastal Regions Indian Geography in Ancient Literature Essay Fodder The spirit of Humanity in Ancient India Sectarianism as [...]

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[Mains Revision] Geography for GS1: Geophysical Phenomenons- Nepal Earthquake, Critical Geographical Features- Rivers, Delta & Coasts of India

Prologue MRG2/P1-Critical Geographical Features-Mangrove, Rivers & Coastal Regions of India MRG2/P2- Climate Change, impact on Glaciers, Flora-Fauna ·Melting of Glaciers and Ice Sheets – Impact MRG2/P3- Geophysical Phenomenon: Nepal Earthquake, Urban Flooding Prologue Last part of Sunep Jamir’s Mains revision series for Geography: Lecture [...]