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[BES16] Economic Survey → Sectors →Deflationary spiral, Philip Curve, Stagflation, Wedge between CPI-WPI, Is India’s GDP overstated?

BES164/P6: Deflationary spiral, Phillips Curve, Stagflation, Creeping-Galloping-Hyper inflation BES164/P7: Is India’s GDP overstated? Why wedge between WPI vs CPI, Rural vs Urban CPI? BES164/P6: Deflationary spiral, Phillips Curve, Stagflation, Creeping-Galloping-Hyper inflation General price level, aggregate supply and demand. Inflationary Gap, Factors related to cost [...]

[Economy] 3 Methods of calculating GDP

Got this question from mail, what are these income,production and expenditure methods in calulating GDP?how do terms like NNP, NDP, GNP,GDP,NNPFC,NNPMP DIFFER FROM EACH OTHER. what is difference between gdp at constant prices and current prices. its very confusing I’ll deal with each question in one [...]

[Economy] 9% GDP and 4% Agriculture growth: Fodder material for Essay and Interviews

What is the theme of 12th Five Year plan? What are the main targets of 12th FYP? Government’s role in Development Time Factor Inflation Exports Policy environment Labour Reducing the fiscal deficit Strategy #1: Increase revenues Strategy#2: Reduce non-Plan expenditure. Railways: Cross subsidization [...]

[Economy] High GDP and High Corruption: Cause or Consequence?

Not really an article, just some fodder/food for thought. High GDP= High Corruption= Bright Future! Land Grabbing = Universal phenomenon High GDP => High corruption The Incentive structure High level corruption High corruption => High GDP! High GDP= High Corruption= Bright Future Mark Twain coined a [...]

[Economic Survey Ch1] Agriculture challanges, tax to GDP, steps by Government (part 3 of 3)

AGRO and Food Management Agriculture: Problem areas? #1: Land holding #2: Nutritional security #3: Supply Chain  Management Kelkar Tax to GDP ratio? Steps Taken by Government AGRO and Food Management Agro + allied industries Approx. number Share in India’s GDP 14% (2011-12) Share in total employment 58% (2001) The declining [...]

[Economic Survey Ch1] Introduction, GDP FC MC relation (part 1 of 3)

Introduction Why Economic Survey = Boring? Timeframe Link between GDP FC/MC? Why India can’t bounce back easily? Crude oil prices Forex Reserve Mock questions Introduction Finally economic survey is released. For UPSC, economic survey is important, because just like yearbook, this one also provides [...]

GST Goods and Services Tax

[Economy Lecture] GST Goods & Services Tax 122nd Amendment, GDP Calculation Methods & CSO Base Year Revision

Prologue L4/P8: Goods and services tax (GST) L5/P1: GDP Calculation Methods & CSO revision Prologue The economic survey related articles will be published after I’m done reading and researching myself. In the meantime, here’s the recoding of my lecture series on budget and economic [...]