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RC Filters Series Resonance and Quality Factor

RC Filters. Series Resonance and Quality Factor. Matching. Soldering. Review the following sections in your text: 1. Section 3.1 – Complex Numbers. 2. Section 3.2 – Exponential Function. 3. Section 3.3 – Phasors. 4. Section 3.4 – Impedance. RC Filters The sinusoidal steady state (aka time harmonic) is an extremely useful [...]

Ladder Filters. Butterworth and Chebyshev Filters

Ladder Filters. Butterworth and Chebyshev Filters. Filter Tables. ADS. Ladder filters are networks that are composed of alternating series and shunt elements. Notice that the same source and load resistances are assumed. This is called “doubly terminated” filters. All of our filters will be doubly terminated. Ladder [...]

Bandpass Ladder Filters Quartz Crystals

Bandpass Ladder Filters. Quartz Crystals In addition to low- and high-pass filters, ladder filters can also be used to construct higher-order bandpass and bandstop (i.e., “notch”) filters. Circuit diagrams for a four element (i.e., second order) bandpass and bandstop filters are shown below. For bandstop filters, [...]