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[ML16] Mains Revision & Answer Writing: GS1&4- Rightwing Vigilantism, Intergral Humanism, Leather Industry Location Factors, Bulk Drugs, API

Prologue ML16/GS1: Right wing Vigilantism in India vs Alt-Right in Trump’s USA: ML16/GS1 & 4: DeenDayal- Integral humanism, One India, Dharma Rajya ML16/GS1: Leather Industry Location Factors, Challenges, Cow Vigilantism ML16/GS2: Govt Policies: Natural Fiber Textile vs SDG, Bulk Drugs & API Prologue Continuation of [...]

[World History] American Revolution, American Civil War, Declaration of Independence, Boston Tea Party; factors, outcomes, events, analysis for UPSC Mains GS Paper1

Prologue WHUS/P1: American Revolution: Factors responsible WHUS/P2: American Revolution: Events & Reactions WHUS/P3: American Revolution: Outcomes of WHUS/P4: American Civil War- factors, events, outcomes Prologue Shri Pratik Nayak begins world history lecture series for the UPSC Civil services (Mains) General Studies Paper-1 He has [...]

[Diplomacy] India China Power equation, factors and the future ahead

Similarities: India China Factor against India China’s GDP is higher Proxy aggression Pakistani Angle Control over Border Regions Cyber domain. Factors against China #1: Enemy of Enemy is our friend #2: China’s vulnerability in Indian Ocean #3: India’s Soft Power #4: Military technology [...]

[World History] Imperialism and Colonialism: Meaning, Factors responsible

Prologue What is imperialism? What is colonialism? What is Neocolonialism? What is New Imperialism? Conditions/factors that helped the rise of Imperialism Industrial Revolution and Capitalism Marxists: Capitalism = Imperialism Protectionism Mercantilism Supply of raw material Investment Infrastructure investment Why Political domination necessary? Slave [...]

map-canada timber paper industry

[Location Factors] Timber, Paper & Pulp Industry: why developed in Northern Hemisphere High Latitudes?

Prologue overview of factors Types of industries Timber Based industries Factor: raw material Factor: River Factor: River direction Lumbering on commercial scale: Canada commercial lumbering: temperate vs tropics Paper-Pulp Industry Commercial fishing (Europe+America) VS Asia VS Southern Hemisphere Norway Japan Mock Questions Prologue UPSC has [...]

map-continental shelf commerical fishing industry

[Location Factors] Commercial Fishing Industry: Why concentrated in N.America, Europe, Norway & Japan?

Commercial fishing (Europe+America) VS Asia VS Southern Hemisphere Norway Japan Continuing the [Location Factor] articles series for UPSC General Studies paper 1. Commercial fishing: Location factors Why is commercial fishing developed in middle to higher latitudes of Northern hemisphere? Plankton availability Fishes eat plankton. Phytoplankton require sunlight [...]

Map: Textile industry of Manchester

[Geography] Location Factors: Why Cotton & Textile industry developed in Osaka, Manchester, Lancashire, Mumbai, Ahmedabad

Cotton and textile industry Climate factors Mumbai, Maharashtra Osaka, Japan Industry Ahmedabad, Gujarat Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Manchester & Lancashire industry American cotton industry Chinese textile industry: Shanghai In the previous article, we saw the factors responsible for location of Lumber, Paper Pulp and Fishing industry [...]

[Geography] Location Factors: Silk Industry of China, India, Karnataka, Kanchipuram

Europe:Silk demand vs Supply Japan: No labour + No market China: Why Top Silk producer? India: Labour+market Karnataka: factors Kanchipuram: factors In this article, we’ll examine the Geographical factors affecting location of Silk Industry. Europe: Labor no, Silk Market yes One important requirement for sericulture [...]

[Location Factors] Wool Industry, Jute Industry: rise & fall of Britain, Calcutta Jute problems

Wool Industry & Geographical Factors Climate factor Land size Economies of Scale Woolen Mfg: Rise and Decline of Britain India: Wool business Jute Industry Mock Questions Wool Industry & Geographical factors Let’s examine videsi (foreign) wool business first. Majority of wool production comes from southern [...]

wheat canada vs india

[Geography] Location Factors: Wheat, Corn industry in USA, China, Canada

Prologue Wheat: Prairies, Canada Rice: China USA corn & livestock belt Corn Belt: Geographical Factors Prologue So far under the [Location Factor] article series, we’ve see timber, paper-pulp, fish, wool, cotton, textile, silk and jute industry. Now let’s take a look at wheat, corn, rice, [...]

map-dairy industry and corn belt USA

[Location Factors] Milk & Dairy industry in USA, Europe, New-Zealand : near & away from market

Dairy: Near & Away from Market Dairy: New-Zealand Dairy: Europe Dairy: Africa=non-existent Dairy: USA Regional specialization: ice cream/cheese/butter In the previous article, we discussed the geographical factors affecting the location of wheat and corn cultivation & allied industries. In this article will talk about the [...]

map-meat industry USA

[Location Factors] Meat, Pig & Poultry Industry in USA, China & India

Meat industry: USA Shifting locations of Meat biz. Pig rearing Near market away from Market Poultry: India Factor: infertile land Factor: Contract farming Meat industry: USA Chicago=known for its beef industry. Often, Animal is reared in three different regions during its lifetime Observe the following map: stage Where? location from [...]