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RC Filters Series Resonance and Quality Factor

RC Filters. Series Resonance and Quality Factor. Matching. Soldering. Review the following sections in your text: 1. Section 3.1 – Complex Numbers. 2. Section 3.2 – Exponential Function. 3. Section 3.3 – Phasors. 4. Section 3.4 – Impedance. RC Filters The sinusoidal steady state (aka time harmonic) is an extremely useful [...]

What are the peculiarities of land as a factor production ?

Ans. The peculiarities of land as an economic resource are given as follows (i) Gift of Nature- Although land. i~ a free gift of nature with limited and fixed supply, yet it is not available free 0f cost. Market price of land comes into existence [...]

Write short note on a factor affecting productivity. Or What are the factors affecting productivity Discuss.

Ans. There are two types of factors which affect the productivity - (i) Factors Affecting National Productivity - (a) Human Resources- In national productivity, the general level of education is an important factor. The use of computers and other sophisticated equipment and systems need~ better educated [...]