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End to Red-light (Lal bhatti) Privilege, Digital Rights, Current Affairs 21th April, 2017

End to Red-light (Lal bhatti) Privilege Introduction Since independence government and bureaucracy has been symbolized by the traditional symbols of the red beacons on the vehicles. Red beacons are synonymous with the “Raj mentality” and are the “antithesis of the concept of a Republic”, the Supreme [...]

[Revision] Science-Tech Highlight from The Hindu 2011 OtoZ (Part III, The End)

Part I, Part II were released earlier. This part III, is the last part about highlights of The Hindu S&T Jan 2011 to Dec 2011. Emu Plastic bottle China space program 3D glasses Malaria drug resistance India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C18) Empty mug [...]

[Essays] October Week4: End of American Century, Activism vs Restrain, Censorship vs Lynching

IR, Security Democracy Ethics, Accountability Indian Economy, Development Education, Science, Public health IR, Security The end of American century is nigh. Parliament- the very heart of a democracy. (Context: Terrorist attacks on Canadian parliament and earlier on Indian parliament.) Can India carve out a [...]

World Geography Newzealand

[Geography Lecture] World Geography Part-III: Europe, North America & South America (THE END)

Prologue G10/P8: World Geography- New Zealand G10/P9: World Geography: Europe G10/P10: World Geography- North America (USA,Canada) G10/P11: World Geography- South America Prologue On 12th June 2015, Ms.RAjtanil finished her geography course with last part i.e. World geography- New Zealand, Europe, North America and South [...]

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)- Education

[Mains Revision] Education, Youth, Skill, Women & the End of SDG/HRD related topics for GS 1, 2 & 3

Prologue ML3/P1: Education: Govt. Interventions, SDG – Targets ML3/P2: Youth, Skill, Entrepreneurship, dem.Dividend & SDG-Targets ML3/P3: Women- education, empowerment and Safety ML3/P4: HDI, MDG, SDG – positive and negatives Prologue Day#3 of my lecture series on Mains revision – only selected topics will be [...]