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in-situ and ex-situ conservation

[EnB] Biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ methods of Conservation, Difference between Wildlife sanctuary and National Park

What is biodiversity conservation? In-situ biodiversity conservation (Natural Home) Difference between a national park, wildlife Sanctuary, and a biosphere reserve Ex-Situ biodiversity conservation (artificial home) Seed Banks Zoos Decision Making question in CSAT Paper-II Botanical Gardens (Ex-situ) What is biodiversity conservation? First, what is biodiversity: [...]

[EnB] Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)

What is GIAHS? What are the objectives of GIAHS? GIAHS Sites in India: Koraput, Odisha State Kashmir Valley, Pampore region Kuttanad What will GIAHS do in Indian Sites? Other Potential sites: What is GIAHS? Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) Purpose of GIAHS is [...]

Timeline IUCN Red List

[EnB] IUCN Red list, CITES Agreement : Meaning, Features, Mock Questions for CSAT

What is IUCN? Limitation IUCN red-list What is CITES? How does CITES work? Appendix Criticism, limitation of CITES #1: No police of its own #2: Non-Native Species #3: Appendix are Counterproductive #4: Not Comprehensive Mock questions for CSAT What is IUCN? International Union for [...]

Convention on Biodiversity CBD

[EnB] Convention on Biodiversity CBD: Prologue to Cartagena, Nagoya, Aichi, COP-11

What is UNEP? Earth Summit? What is the connection between UNEP and Earth Summit? Kids of Earth Summit What is Convention on Biodiversity CBD? What does CBD want? Objective#1: Protect Biodiversity Where is the money? How does CBD work? Mock Questions What is UNEP? [...]

[EnB] Bergmann’s Rule, Migrantwatch, Seasonwatch, Ross Sea Marine Protected Zone, Lake Vida, Chromatophores

These terms are from The Hindu S&T, Nov.2012 Cold Climate=Big Body size Migrantwatch and Seasonwatch. Bactrian camels and heavy-chain antibodies Ross Sea: Marine Protected Zone Lake Vida Chromatophores Hedonic Scale Method Brevetoxin-2 Mock Questions Cold Climate=Big Body size For most species of animals, body mass [...]

[Studyplan] India 2013 Yearbook: Introduction and approach to Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) (part 1 of 6)

Utility in Prelims (CSAT) Utility in Mains Utility in Interview Limitations of yearbook General guidelines while using India Yearbook #1: Skipping sentences #2: Organizations #3: Schemes Yearbook Chapter Classification Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) EnB: organizations EnB: Important facts for MCQ/2m Laws/conventions/IR Environment : [...]

Vomiting Larry

[Hindu Sci-Tech] Public Health, EnB related: Virtopsy, Vomitting Larry, Hydrogel, Mauritia (Jan Feb 2013)

Gardasil and Cervarix Vomiting Larry Acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) Virtopsy Health communication COPSS Award Mauritia DNA as a storage device Hydrogel Saliva functions Banana peel Bio-inspired technology Lizard : Adhesives Velcro: Maroolimatthai Porcupin: Surgical Patches Gardasil and Cervarix names of the new HPV vaccines [...]

[EnB] 100 Mock MCQ Questions on Science Tech, Environment and Biodiversity

Instructions Question 1 to 20 Question 21 to 40 Question 41 to 60 Question 61 to 80 Question 81 to 100 Answers Instructions 100 questions worth 2 marks each = total 200 marks. Penalty for wrong answer= Minus 0.67 (=1/3rd of the mark allotted [...]

Chart CSAT 2013 Environment section

[Answerkey] CSAT 2013 Environment & Biodiversity (EnB) Questions solved with explanation, reference, all four sets (A,B,C,D)

Prologue Internal Breakup Parks Parks and hills Parks and rivers Wildlife, Flora-Fauna Macaque Equatorial forests Swamp Deer Spider monkey Mammals Agro/soil related Mycorrhizal biotech Biofertilizers Nitro cycle Contour Sugar byproducts Pollution Related E-waste Water pollutants Water consumption in industries Acid Rain Smog Ecology [...]

Environment--giant clam

[Science-Tech] TheHindu June-July-Aug: (Part 2 of 3) Agriculture, Environment Biodiversity (EnB), Economics of Animal rearing, Uttarakhand Tragedy, Runaway Greenhouse, Bio Refinary

Prologue [Agro]: Economics of Animal Rearing #1: Fowl Breeding & Tribal Development (MP) #2: Goats rearing, Small Marginal Farmers (Kerala) [Agro] Research: New Varieties Himalayan Wonder Yamuna Safed-5 Onion Bulbets [Agro]:Fertilizer/Manure related #1: Liquid Manure #2: Vermicompost #3: Organic cultivation [Agro]: Misc. #1: [...]

gadgil vs kasturi-western-ghats

[Sci-Tech] TheHindu Sep-Oct-Nov:(Part 1 of 4) Environment and Biodiversity (EnB)-Jellyblooms,e-waste rules,SAFAR tech

Prologue Flora Fauna Wildlife related Jellyfish bloom Cyber poaching  Tiger Census Giant African Snail Hibernation Great Indian Bustard Katurirangan report on western ghat Human Cruelty by Animals? Waste Management related #1: E-waste rules #2: Nisrgruna #3: Coriander as biosorbent  Air Pollution related #1 [...]

CDS-1-2012 Geography analysis

[Answerkey] CDS-2014: Geography, Environment-Biodiversity (EnB), Agriculture, Climate, Map related MCQs solved with explanation

Geo+ EnB in CDS vs CAPF vs CSAT Geo+EnB: Internal breakup Span of Current affairs Geo/EnB MCQs Difficulty level of Geography / EnB MCQs Booklist/Strategy for next CDS Exam Physical Geography [9 MCQs] P1: Geology / Earthquake / Minerals related P2: Climate related [...]