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Write down the Schrodinger equation as the – (i) Electron trapped in 2D plane nanosheet (ii) Electron moving ill one-dimension/ nanowire.

Ans. (i) Electron Trapped in 2D Plane Nanosheet - When carriers are confined in one dimension, i.e., along-direction to a very small thickness t, and free to move along X and Y -direction. In nanophysics, it is the case of nanosheets where carriers are [...]

Explain the wave function associated with an electron.

Ans. According to de-Broglie's concept of matter wave, every moving particle of matter is associated with a wave. Schrodinger introduced a mathematical function represent by IJI which is a variable quantity associated with a moving particle, and is a complex function of the space, coordinates of the particle [...]

Draw the circuit model of a single-electron transistor. Also drive tile equation for stored energy. Or Draw and discuss schematic structure of a ‘metallic single-electron transistor.

Ans. The circuit model of a SET is shown in fig. 3.13.The effect of gate electrode can easily be understood from an energy band diagram shown in fig. 3.14. The gate voltage V g > 0, depresses the Fermi level on the island. Depending [...]

Write short note on electron transport of semiconductors.

Ans. In semiconductors charge can transport by the movement of electrons and holes. For intrinsic semiconductor, the current is due to both, is the electrons and holes, but for extrinsic semiconductors the current is predominantly either of the two. Also in semiconductors, both drift current (charge transport [...]

Derive the AC electrical conductivity of metal according to Drude model. Explain the inadequacies of Drude model and write the assumptions made in free electron model.

Ans - AC electrical conductivity of metal according to Drude model, the charge carriers experience a drag coefficient  and under an applied electric field E, this leads to the following differential equation- Here we are considering only the real part. The equation for conduction electrons in this [...]