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[Freedom Struggle] 1937-44: Provincial Elections, August Offer, Cripps Mission, Individual Satyagraha and Quit India Movement

HFS11/P1: Congress in Provincial Governments: Election to resignation (1937-39) HFS11/P2: August Offer (1940), Individual Satyagraha HFS11/P3: Cripps Mission (1942): Proposals of Post-Dated Cheque HFS11/P4: Quit India Movement (1942-1944): Events & Assessment HFS11/P1: Congress in Provincial Governments: Election to resignation (1937-39) In 1937 elections were [...]

2nd ARC Ethics and Corruption mindmap

[Polity] 2nd ARC Ethics and Corruption (4th Report): Election Reforms, State Funding of Elections

What is Ethics? What is Rule of Law? Two Viewpoints in Fighting Corruption 3 Factors behind Corruption in India Politics and Ethics Election =Mother of corruption Criminalization of politics Election reforms already in process Election Funding Three Patterns of State Funding of Elections [...]

Nepal Maoists in UN cantonments

[Diplomacy] Nepal Logjam (Part 2 of 3): Merger of Maoists with Army, Anti-India Campaign, Why Elections are not held

Introduction Rehab of Maoist Combatants Problem areas in Maoist Army merger Maoist MNREGA scam Trouble in Cantonment Power struggle within Maoist Party Kiran’s makes new Party Against Prachanda Against Baburam Bhattarai People’s Constitution Against India Anti-India stand of Maoists Babu vs Prachanda @RIO+20 [...]

[Elections] Twin Nominations, Primaries Method of selecting candidates-why Rahul failed?

P1: Twin Nominations in Election P2: Primaries Method of nominating candidates P1: Twin Nominations in Election [GS2] Q. List the provisions related to Twin nomination in the RPA Act and examine the need for reforms in it. (100 words) Provisions in RPA: Section 33: Candidate can [...]

[Elections] Voting rights of Defense personnel, Postal Ballot, Proxy Voting, Election Expenditure

P1: Voting rights of Defence Personnel P2: President didn’t cast his vote P3: Who pays for Lok Sabha election? P1: Voting rights of Defence Personnel Q. Discuss in brief, the provisions relating Voting rights of Defence personnel, and recent SC verdict on it. (200 words) A [...]

RPA Modi Selfi FIR

[Elections] Indelible Ink, Registered Party, Star Campaigner, Deposit Amount, RPA Section 126, 130

P1: RPA Section 126-A and 130: Modi’s Selfi P2: Indelible ink: Principle P3: Booth Officer P4: Benefits of registered political party P5: Election Deposit Lost P1: RPA Section 126-A and 130: Modi’s Selfi Topic important because after voting in Ahmedabad, Narendra Modi gave a press [...]

components of an Electroinc Voting Machine EVM Totalizer

[Elections] EVM Totalizer, VVPAT, Form20, Voter Confidentiality, Ballot Unit, Control Unit, Auxilliary Display Unit

P1: Electronic Voting Machine (EVM): Basics P2: Voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) P3: EVM Totalizer to prevent Voter Victimization? CSAT Sample MCQs Correct answers for MCQs P1: Electronic Voting Machine (EVM): Basics EVM is madeup of two units Control unit (CU) with the presiding [...]

NR Madhava Menon Committee on Government advertizements

[Elections] NR Madhava Menon Committee report on Government advertizements in Media

1: NGOs’ PIL (2003) 2: UPA-Government’s reply 3: Supreme Court order (2014, April) 4: Madhava Menon report (2014, October) 1: NGOs’ PIL (2003) Government advertisements even carry photos of ruling party leaders (SoniaG), try to create impression as if she is responsible for public [...]

nominated members of Rajya Sabha

[Current Affairs] 2016-April/P1: Polity, Diplomacy, Simultaneous elections, Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kohinoor

Polity & Appointment related New nominated Rajya Sabha members What if there is tie in municipal election? Polity Reform: Simultaneous Elections International Summits/ Appointments India-US & LEMA Dev India-Saudi & Cheraman Juma Masjid Polity & Appointment related Ashok Lahiri Committee Ex-Chief economic advisor- will look into [...]