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[GSM2] Comparing Constitution: USA- Presidential election, primaries, Bill of rights, separation of powers, for UPSC GS Mains Paper-2

Prologue CmC/P1: Comparing Constitution: USA- separation of Powers for GSM2 CmC/P2: US Presidential Powers, Election, Primaries for GSM2 Prologue Pratik Nayak covered the American revolution for World History for General Studies Mains Paper 1 (GSM1) Now, continuing on that topic’s development- he shift to [...]

2nd ARC Ethics and Corruption mindmap

[Polity] 2nd ARC Ethics and Corruption (4th Report): Election Reforms, State Funding of Elections

What is Ethics? What is Rule of Law? Two Viewpoints in Fighting Corruption 3 Factors behind Corruption in India Politics and Ethics Election =Mother of corruption Criminalization of politics Election reforms already in process Election Funding Three Patterns of State Funding of Elections [...]

[SSC CGL] yes it’ll be held in 2014 despite election year and Chindu’s hiring freeze/austerity measures

SSC CGL being held in 2014? SSC CGL 2015? SSC CGL being held in 2014? Since last few months, there had been fears, apprehensions and rumors that SSC CGL will not be held in 2014 because of “model code of conduct” during election year.  And few [...]

SSC CGL Exam postponed

[SSC] 2014’s Tier-1 postponed due to Election BUT 2013’s T1 Re-exam is on 27th April (only applies to those 7 centres)

SSC CGL 2014 Postponed to second half of 2014 SSC CGL 2013: Re-Exam on 27th April (only 7 centers) SSC CGL 2014 Postponed to second half of 2014 Background: Earlier, SSC Combined Gradulate Level exam (CGL 2014) was to be held on 27th April and [...]

[Elections] Voting rights of Defense personnel, Postal Ballot, Proxy Voting, Election Expenditure

P1: Voting rights of Defence Personnel P2: President didn’t cast his vote P3: Who pays for Lok Sabha election? P1: Voting rights of Defence Personnel Q. Discuss in brief, the provisions relating Voting rights of Defence personnel, and recent SC verdict on it. (200 words) A [...]

Paid News in India Election commission

[RPA] Paid News, Election commission Guidelines, why Amend RPA, Ethics in Journalism

Prologue What is paid news? Why is Paid news bad? What has Election commission done? What has press council done? Suggest further reforms Challenges ahead Appendix: Expenditure and Deposit limits Prologue Topic in news: 2014, October because Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) said we need [...]