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UPSC Reply to RTI

[RTI] UPSC replies: Mains answersheets, Removal of optional subjects and cut-offs at each stage of CSE 2011

Prologue My Question: Model Answerpapers My Question on removal of optionals My Question on CSAT answerkeys My Question: CSE 2011 Cutoffs at each stage Scanned copy of RTI reply Prologue Earlier, some people had sent me scanned images of RTI replies related to CSAT 2011 [...]

chart UPSC CSAT Cutoffs 2011-2013

UPSC declares official cutoffs for 2013: Even Prelims had minimum passing marks in each paper! Cutoffs increased sharply for each category

Official cutoffs for CS Minimum passing marks: Prelims Prelim Cutoffs Comparison Last three years Minimum Passing Marks Mains UPSC has declared the official cutoff marks for Civil service exam 2013 (Prelims, mains and interview stage) Original source: http://www.upsc.gov.in/exams/cut-off%20marks/2013/cs/Cut%20off%20cs.pdf You wont find above link on the FrontPage [...]

What are the various techniques of decision-making ? Discuss Pros and Cons of each of them. Or Discuss in brief the various techniques of decision-making. Or Write and describe the different techniques of decision-making.

Ans. The managerial decision-making process has become very cumbersome. Certain quantitative techniques have been developed to evaluate the alternatives which facilitate making objective decisions. Some of these techniques are described as below - (i) Marginal Cost Analysis- This technique is also called marginal costing as [...]

Describe organizational structure of project management organization employing functional authority at each level of hierarchy.

Ans. In order to accomplish the project goals, a separate division is formed for each project. Project management is formed when project is big in size and subject to high standards of performance. It is solely responsive to the planning, design, development, production, evaluation [...]

What are the various modern management theories ? Explain each in brief. Or Describe the following in relation to modern management theory – (i) Quantitative approach (ii) System approach (iii) Contingency approach to management (iv) Operational approach to management.

Ans. Under the modern management theory, there are four streams which are as follows - (i) Quantitative approach to management (ii) System approach to management (iii) Contingency approach to management (iv) Operational approach to management. (i) Quantitative Approach to Management- Scientific-approach of Taylor could be classified as an early form [...]