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Pranab Sen task force drug pricing

[Committee] Pranab Sen Taskforce Drug Pricing: Major Recommendations

What is National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)? Recommendations of Pranab Sen How to regulate drug pricing? What about Patented drugs? Give PSU a chance Funding Excise duty reduce Open Website for public What is National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)? It is an attached office [...]

[Economic Survey Ch13] Human Development (Part 4 of 4): Physically Disabled, Elderly, Nomadic, Denotified Tribes, Drug junkies and Beggars

Persons with Disabilities Persons with Disabilities: Schemes ARUNIM ADIP DDRS DDRC Pvt. Jobs ALIMCO Jaipur Foot 12th FYP: PH welfare Education Disabled friendly Environment Review existing laws Task for individual ministry (Draft) National Youth Policy 2012 (NYP12): Salient Features New definition of Youth [...]

NPPA drug price control explained

[Public Health] NPPA, Drug Price control, Sravan Implant, Cigarette packing rules update

Prologue NPPA: National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority Drug pricing controversy Scene 1: NPPA price controls begins (Dec 2013) Scene 2: NPPA tries to go beyond its mandate Scene 3: NPPA humiliated* Behind the curtains Sravan implant Cigar-Labelling Prologue Current affairs related to public health, during September [...]

Opium Cultivation in India

[Public Health] Drug Menace in India, National Policy for Drug Demand Reduction 2014

Drug menace in India Existing framework against Drug menace Opium: Legal cultivation in India National Policy for Drug Demand Reduction, 2014 Mock questions Drug menace in India Border security angle: Opium, Heroin, and other narcotic drugs smuggled across border. Punjab is located near the [...]