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[Diplomacy] Durfur Conflict & South Sudan Independence: Timeline, Players, Similarities and differences

Donot confuse or mixup between Durfur and South Sudan. These are two separate conflicts with separate climaxes. What is Sudan? Background: Durfur and South Sudan Reasons for Conflict Players in Durfur conflict Players in South Sudan Independence Struggle Arrest Warrent against Omar Al Bashir [...]

What are the differences between mass production and flow production ?

Ans. In mass production, a large number of identical particles are produced but in spite of advanced mechanization and tooling, the equipment employed need not be specially designed for this type of article alone. Plant and equipment, both are sufficiently flexible to deal with [...]

Write differences between micro and macro economics.

Ans. The main differences between the micro-economics and macroeconomics are given as below - (i) Micro-economics deals with the division of total output among industries, products and firms and the allocation of resources among competing uses. On the other hand, macro-economics concerns itself with such variables [...]

What are the differences between managerial economics and traditional economics ?

Ans. The differences between managerial economics and traditional economics are as follows - (i) Managerial economics studies the activities of an individual firm. Its analysis of problems is micro in nature. But economics analyses problems both from micro and macro point of views. (ii) Economics deals mainly [...]

What are the differences between rationalization and scientific management ?

Ans. Although rationalization and scientific management both have similar aims, there are many differences between them. Some differences between them are as follows -- (i) Objectives - The objective of the scientific management is to increase efficiency of a business unit. But, rationalization also aims [...]

Give the differences between classical theory and neo-classical theory.

Ans. Differences between Classical Theory and Neo-classical Theory    inadequate organization may not only discourage but actually preclude effective administration. (ii) Optimum Use of Resources - Sound organization helps in Obtaining the optimum use of technical and human resources. It can also make optimum use of human efforts [...]

Explain BN nanotube, and describe the differences between a CNT and BN nanotubes.

Ans. Boron nitride (BN) nanotubes are becoming .a subject of extensive research owing to their important physical properties which are quite distinct from those of the CNTs. Boron nitride can exist in hexagonal, rhombohedra and cubic forms. Although the earliest reports envisioned the BN [...]