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Microwave Devices and Circuits [For IES,PSUs and University Exams]

The major prerequisites for right away studying microwave devices and circuits are : 1.Basic knowledge of Electromagnetic Theory 2.Network Theoy (S parameters) Microwave subject at UG level mainly deals with following topics: 1.Microwave Transmission Lines (basics) 2.Cavity Resonators Rectangular and circular waveguide resonators. 3.Klystrons Reentrant cavities,Velocity modulation,Bunching,Reflex klystron. 4.Travelling wave tubes  Slow wave structures,Helix [...]

Explain spintronics devices and give their applications. Or Explain, what is spintronic

Ans. A very important device based on the GMR effect is called the spin valve is shown in fig. 4.1 0. Here, one of the ferromagnetic layers has a .fixed (pinned) magnetization direction, due to the presence of the antiferromagnetic layer, and the other ferromagnetic layer magnetization [...]