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Discuss in detail the measures you would suggest for increasing the Productivity of resources. Or Write a detailed note on increasing productivity of resources. Or How can an organization firebase the productivity of resources? Write in brief

Ans. To increase the productivity of resources means, getting more number of goods from the same amount of resources. (i) Material - Materials must be used in industries to get good productivity. Industries in which the cost of raw material is a big percentage . [...]

Define management. Explain the characteristics of management in detail.

Ans. Management is defined as the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling to accomplish organizational objectives through the coordinated  use of human and material resources. It is the process by which human and non-human resources are coordinated to accomplish a set of objectives  [...]

What do you mean by good and successful manager ? Explain in detail.

Ans. The main skills required to be successful manager can be classified as follows- (i) Human Relation Skills - The ability to work effectively with others and build cooperative work ·groups to obtain organizational goals, is referred to as human relation skill. (a) Leadership Skills -Leadership [...]