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Daily Current Affairs – 6th March, 2017

Noise pollution concerns Introduction Urbanisation is a natural phenomenon and it has spillover effects on generations. The effects are widespread to over health, economy and society at large. Increasing urbanization and consequent increase in vehicles and industries has lead a significant rise in noise pollution and [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 4th March, 2017

Free speech and Campus violence Introduction Universities should be platforms of debates and discussions where young minds engage in constructive nation building. It is disturbing to see the recent cases in campuses across the country and ideological divisions leading to violence. Issue: The president has recently addressed his [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 2nd March, 2017

IMD forecast and analysis Introduction India being a tropical country is sensitive to weather changes and this will have wide ranging effects on economy.  The need is to ensure a scientifically sound forecast system and subsequent measures to bring down the after effects. Issue: The forecast from the India [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 28th February, 2017

Spread of ISIS in India Introduction Terrorism is a major challenge to the world today. Spread of ISIS and use of technology to carryout remote and lone wolf style attacks is spreading fear across the globe. India with porous borders and difficult neighbourhood is prone to [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 27th February, 2017

Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act Introduction Health being a major issue of concern in India has areas like abortion and medical termination where lack of clarity and societal discourses that has resulted in many divergences. Especially abortions being a sensitive issue, pro-choice versus pro-life remain at [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 25th February, 2017

Right to education: Need of proper implementation It’s been eight years since the Right to Education Act, 2009, came into force. The RTE Act has been touted to be a landmark legislation that seeks to realise the fundamental right to education for all children [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 24th February, 2017

Exoplanets and NASA’s achievements Introduction Space Science has been an unbound field of exploration. It involves many such unexplained wonders that have been cause of enquiry and experimentation. Developments in the field have eased life in multiple manners from communication to life changing telemedicine and tele-education [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 22nd February, 2017

Price Control of Cardiac Stents Introduction Health is a sector of concern in India’s growth story. India still has a long way behind in making it a fundamental right. Especially in terms of non-communicable diseases which are emerging as silent killers Indians have shown high vulnerability. [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 21st February, 2017

Jallikattu protests and Culture Introduction India is a diverse country with rich cultural heritage and each contributing uniquely to India’s identity in the world. The recent dynamics around Jallikattu and its justifications via protests and legislations raises a question on the true aspects of culture and [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 18th February, 2017

ISRO and its achievements Introduction ISRO has led the Indian achievements in Indian roadmap of research and development from independence. This has resulted in huge benefits for India in diverse fields and has also given rich foreign exchange earnings through commercial ventures. This establishes the fact [...]