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RBI repo rate historic trend graph

[Current] April-Week1-P1: Economy-Monetary Policy update,GI Tagging for Kanauj Attar,Predatory Pricing by Spicejet, BIS new labelling guidlines for electronics

[Act 1] Economy E1: RBI: Monetary Policy April 2014 E2: GI Tagging & EC model code #1: Dharmavaram Pattu Silk Sarees: Andhra #2: Kannauj Attar, UP #3: Muradabad Metal craft UP #4: Saharanpur woodcraft, UP #5: Firozabad Glassware, UP E3: Predatory pricing by [...]

Crowdfunding website

[Current] April-Week2-P2: Economy: SEBI guideline on Crowdfunding, Public-Sector Banks CMD post bifurcation, IRDA ambulance project, mains answerwriting practice

Prologue E2: Crowdfunding- Need SEBI guidelines E3: Bifurcation of CMD post in Banks E4: IRDA’s highway ambulance pilot project Prologue Current events in 2014 April Week2 (8-15th) Part 1/3: Environment, Polity, Polity, History and Culture: Coming soon. Part 2/3: Economy= you’re here. (nokia taxation deserves [...]

Fruit fly trapper pheromon

[Current] April-Week4-P2: Economy- WTO SPS Agreement EU Ban on Indian Mango, HDFC Bank Foreign Investment FII problem, SC guideline on Cheque bouncing, RBI’s Public Key infrastructure (PKI)

Prologue E1: [WTO SPS Agreement] EU Ban on Indian Mangoes Mango Ban: Timeline / Sequence of Events India’s stand on EU Mango Ban Anti-Arguments Preventive measures against Fruit Fly Sample question for Mains  E2: [Banking] HDFC Bank vs FIPB: Foreign investment Problem Foreign [...]

[Current] May-Week1/P3: Economy- Financial resolution authority, Reena Benerjee Committee on Bancassurance, Minor Bank accounts, Enforcement day

Prologue Bancassurance: Reena Benerjee Committee Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) Function1: Deposit insurance Function2: Credit guarantee FRA (Financial Resolution Authority) Difference: FRA vs FRA What is Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC)? Enforcement Directorate ED: Functions ED: Future reforms Hindi translation [...]

UPSC CAPF 2014 Analysis

[Answerkey] CAPF-2014 Economy MCQs with explanation, Difficulty level, Span of Current Affairs

CAPF: Internal Breakup Economy in all recent exams of UPSC Economy: Internal breakup in CAPF Economy: Span of current affairs Economy Difficulty level of MCQs in CAPF-2014? Micro economics #1: Elasticity of Demand #2: Commodity Demand #3: Substitution rate Budget, Taxation, Subsidies #1: [...]

[Current] Education SepW1: UGC vs. IIT controversy, Sarvapalli’s contribution, Teachers day speech summaries

UGC vs IIT controversy Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan President speech on teachers day PM Modi’s speech on teacher’s day HRD minister’s speech UGC vs IIT controversy Why controversy 2014, August: The UGC has directed all academic institutions to follow the 10+2+3 model, under the National Education Policy. [...]

[Current] September Week1 to Week 4 (1st to 30th) Only Topiclist, content will come later

Polity Topics SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Economy & infrastructure SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 International relations, internal security SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Environment, Energy and Agriculture SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Science-tech SepW1: Public health special SepW2 SepW3 again public health SepW4 History and Culture [...]

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[Current Topiclist] October Week1 to Week4

Diplomacy & International relations (IR) OctW1 Oct.W2: IR & Internal Security Oct.W3: IR & Internal Security Oct.W4: IR & Internal Security Economy OctW1 Oct.W2: Economy Oct.W3: Economy Oct.W4: Economy Polity OctW1 Oct.W2: Polity Oct.W3: Polity Oct.W4: Polity Environment OctW1 Oct.W2: Environment, Agro, Disaster [...]

[Current Topiclist] December Week4: Only Topiclist, Content later

IR-Diplomacy, Internal Security Dec.W1 DecW4: IR Diplomacy Economy, Banking, Infra, Schemes Dec.W1 DecW4: Economy Polity, RPA & rights issues Dec.W1 DecW4: Polity Environment & Biodiversity Dec.W1 DecW4: Environment-Biodiversity Mock Questions for Mains Science Tech, IT, Medical and Defense Dec.W1 DecW4: Science Tech, Medical, [...]

Current Affairs Topiclist for UPSC

[Current Topiclist] January Week1 to Week4: Only Topiclist, Content later

List of abbreviations IR, Diplomacy & Internal Security Jan-W1 Jan-W2: IR & Internal Security Jan-W3-IR Jan-W4-IR Economy Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Economy Jan-W3-Economy Jan-W4-Economy Polity Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Polity Jan-W3- Polity Jan-W4- Polity Environment, Agro, Disaster Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Environment, Agro, Disaster Jan-W3- Environment, Agro Jan-W4- Environment, [...]