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UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (13): Agam Jain (Rank 133) CSE- 2015

Name:- Agam Jain Qualification:- B.tech (Mangalayatan university, Aligarh ) Optional:- History Disclaimer– It’s not the exact transcript. For that is known only to kevali. -the sentences in double brackets (like this (() depicts the inner voice of mine at the time of giving answers. -I have not written all answers. Have just mentioned the trends.. Chairman -( my [...]


TOPPER’S STRATEGY: P.D.Nitya (Rank 213) CSE – 2015

Dear Friends, We are happy to share strategy and words of wisdom from PD Nitya – ranked 213. Friends,as  you know her as one of our students in TLP program. http://iasbaba.com/2015/10/final-list-super-100-10-tlp-mains-2015/ She wrote as DURGA Indeed Having seen all facets of IAS preparation from attending top notch [...]



Hello Friends Rohan Botre who secured 187 rank in UPSC 2015 has shared some insight and words of wisdom about his preparation and follow ups. We are happy to share this with you all Rohan Botre. Rank 187 4th attempt Educational qualifications Masters of sciences (MS) Civil engineering—Purdue [...]

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TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Poonam (Rank 308) CSE-2015

TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Poonam (Rank 308) CSE-2015 Read about other Topper’s Strategy Hi all, I am privileged to share my journey of UPSC which is inclusive of both struggle and success and I would also say slightly different from many others yet at the same time very similar [...]

TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Darshan H V (Rank 48) CSE-2015

Dear Friends, We are happy to share the strategy of Darshan H V, IAS topper from the state of karnataka. Preliminary Examination    NCERTs (VI-XII): It is a must for every civil services aspirant to go through these books which are also easily available online. Try and make [...]


TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Highly Motivational Rajat Saklecha (Rank 141) CSE-2015

Hello Friends,   Rajat Saklecha, Rank 141 is here with his experience but not in the form of any traditional strategy. He has his own way of doing this. So humble by nature that he has always said ‘This time luck has been with me more [...]

TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Highly Motivational-From Scoring -4.5 in Prelims Mock to getting into IAS in First Attempt, Pavankumar.G.Giriyappanavar (Rank 420) CSE-2015

Hello Friends We congragulate Pavan on being IAS in forst attempt and the privilege of getting home – Karnataka cadre. My way of Cracking UPSC Examination in the 1st attempt   Name- Pavankumar.G.Giriyappanavar. AIR–420 From-Haveri, Karnataka. (Many of my friends from other states and even Karnataka have asked where exactly [...]