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Mali Crisis French offensive map

[Diplomacy] Mali Crisis, Taureg rebels, French Troops, Algeria Hostages: Background, implications explained

What is Mali? Players in Mali crisis? Who are the Tuareg? Gaddafi Angle: 2011 Azawad: Jan-April 2012 Mali President overthrown: March 2012 Entry of French Troops: Jan 2013 Back to Northern Mali What is AQIM? Implications of Mali Crisis? Algeria Hostage Crisis Mock [...]


[Food Processing] Edible Oil: Supply-Chain, Upstream, Downstream, Onion-Crisis and ofcourse Desi-liquor

Prologue Edible oil: Scope-Significance Edible oil: Location Upstream issues #1: Low supply of oilseed #2: Oil palm cultivation #3: Improve yields per hectare #4: Rice Bran #5: Tree borne oilseeds (TBO) @processing level Downstream issues #1: Tax Uncertainty #2: Health concerns #3: Adulteration [...]

What is Fed Tapering

[Fed Tapering:Part1 of 2] Meaning of Fed Tapering, its Negative Impact on Indian Economy, Worst case scenarios, Balance of Payment Crisis, explained

Prologue What is Fed tapering Why is it called Fed Tapering? How can Fed Tapering affect India? Worst case scenario [WCS] by Fed Tapering WCS1: Hot money gone / Flight of Capital WCS2: Weaker Rupee= bigger CAD + bigger inflation WCS3: Exports may [...]

Map-Ukrain Crisis

[PIN-2014] Part 2/6: International- Presidents, Prime ministers, Summits, bodies & Ukraine Crisis

Prologue to six part Article series PIN: Heads of States Chief Guest in 26th January Republic Day Parade India’s Ranks (2013) International Summits National Summits Ukraine crisis International Organizations International places in news Prologue to six part Article series Total six parts covering December 2013 [...]