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Privatisation and Commercialisation of Water in India, Tropical Disease Control Current Affairs – 22nd April 2017

Privatisation and Commercialisation of Water in India Introduction The United Nations has recognized access to water as a basic human right, stating that water is a social and cultural good, not merely an economic commodity. Today, due to increasing consumption patterns, water is becoming scarce and [...]

Control structures and statements in C and C++

  Control structures form the basic entities of a “structured programming language“. We all know languages like C/C++ or Java are all structured programming languages. Control structures are used to alter the flow of execution of the program.  Why do we need to alter the [...]


IIT MADRAS M.S - CONTROL  &  INSTRUMENTATION Hi, i am  ABHINAV ! Well let me explain my experience at IIT Madras MS coourse (CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTATION ).I am from kerala,I reached madras on june 12th.Its  a good city and climate was also fine.Around 10am we checked in at [...]

Japanese Encephalitis

[Public Health] Japanese Encephalitis Menace in India: Reasons, Prevention and control

What is Japanese Encephalitis (JE)? What are the symptoms? Geographical Spread Solution for Japanese Encephalitis (JE)? What is Acute encephalitis syndrome  (AES)? Why is Japanese Encephalitis in News? JEEV (2 marker) National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (5 marker) Mock Questions What is Japanese [...]

[Yearbook] Bio Control Agents, Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana, ICAR, Krishi Vigyan Kendra

What is BioControl Agent? What is Krishi Vigyan Kendra What is What is ICAR? What is Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana Mock Questions What is BioControl Agent? is a method of controlling pests, weeds and plant diseases using other living organisms (insect, parasite or pathogens). [...]

Rohingyas migration map

[Current] March-Week3-Part2: Economy, Diplomacy related: RFPI Investors, CPSE Exchange Traded Funds, GSDP, Rohingya Migrants, ICANN control, OTBA scheme

[Act 4] Economy Related E1: RBI: RFPI = FII + QFI E2: RBI: more banks can import gold under 80/20 rule E3: CPSE-ETF Exchange Traded Funds E4: State GSDP: Chindu feels something fishy E5: Gas Pricing postponed on EC order [Act 5] Diplomacy [...]

components of an Electroinc Voting Machine EVM Totalizer

[Elections] EVM Totalizer, VVPAT, Form20, Voter Confidentiality, Ballot Unit, Control Unit, Auxilliary Display Unit

P1: Electronic Voting Machine (EVM): Basics P2: Voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) P3: EVM Totalizer to prevent Voter Victimization? CSAT Sample MCQs Correct answers for MCQs P1: Electronic Voting Machine (EVM): Basics EVM is madeup of two units Control unit (CU) with the presiding [...]

NPPA drug price control explained

[Public Health] NPPA, Drug Price control, Sravan Implant, Cigarette packing rules update

Prologue NPPA: National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority Drug pricing controversy Scene 1: NPPA price controls begins (Dec 2013) Scene 2: NPPA tries to go beyond its mandate Scene 3: NPPA humiliated* Behind the curtains Sravan implant Cigar-Labelling Prologue Current affairs related to public health, during September [...]