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in-situ and ex-situ conservation

[EnB] Biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ methods of Conservation, Difference between Wildlife sanctuary and National Park

What is biodiversity conservation? In-situ biodiversity conservation (Natural Home) Difference between a national park, wildlife Sanctuary, and a biosphere reserve Ex-Situ biodiversity conservation (artificial home) Seed Banks Zoos Decision Making question in CSAT Paper-II Botanical Gardens (Ex-situ) What is biodiversity conservation? First, what is biodiversity: [...]

Flora in Great Himalayan National Park

[Conservation] UNESCO status for Great Himalayan National Park, Draft Western Ghat Notification

Great Himalayan National Park Draft Notification on W.Ghats Great Himalayan National Park: UNESCO nomination why in News? March 2014: Government nominated it for UNESCO heritage site, because of its fragile ecology and inaccessibility. located at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh At the height of 1500-6000m. Climate: Western [...]

Difference Turtle vs Tortoise

[Conservation] Olive Ridley, Star Tortoise, Dancing frogs, Dwarf Gecko & other amphibian animals

Olive Ridley Mass Hatching lights OFF! Star Tortoise vs Olive Ridley Turtle [Newfound] Dancing frogs in Western Ghats Dwarf Gecko, Maharashtra Sengi Elephant Shrew, Africa Deaths from Snake bites Olive Ridley Mass Hatching lights OFF! IUCN status: “endangered” Olive Ridleys are found in warm [...]

IUCN Wild Chinese Sturgeon

[Conservation] Shifting Gir Lions to Madhya Pradesh, Robber crab habitat, Wild Chinese sturgeons

Moving Gir Lions to Madhya Pradesh Bor Tiger Reserve Langurs are multiple species Indo Pacific Hump-Backed Dolphins Wild Chinese Sturgeons Hyacinth: hazard to fishes Robber crab-Habitat destruction Mangroves species change in Sundarbans Moving Gir Lions to Madhya Pradesh Species IUCN Status: Endangered. Why in news? Last [...]

Amur Falcon

[Conservation] Why House Sparrow Population declining? Endangered Bird species of India

House sparrow Population decline Long billed Vultures Lake Kolleru & its bird sanctuary 15 Indian birds globally endangered Amur Falcon Nicobar scrubfowl/Megapod Narcondam Hornbill Mock Questions House sparrow Population decline House sparrows found around the world, except in the Polar Regions. IUCN status: Least [...]

EnB-vulture resturant

[Conservation] Vulture Restaurant, Houbura Bustad, Rainbow Warrior 3

Vulture restaurant More birds: Short eared Owl & Houbura Bustard Mangar forest NCZ Rainbow warrior 3 Vulture restaurant Vulture is a scavenger bird that feeds on dead carcasses But farmers use diclofenac drug for cattle,which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) Vultures eat such [...]

Sterilize them, No elephants =No deaths, says W.Bengal Government!

[Conservation] Preventing Elephant-Train collissions, Dehorning Rhinos to protect’em from Poaching

Elephant Killer trains Dehorning Rhinos to ‘Protect’ them Elephant Killer trains Topic in news because W.Bengal Government cameup with a “Tughlakhi” idea- sterilization to control elephant population, to reduce train accidents!  Thankfully, Supreme Court has stopped them. Suggest reforms: Put danger signs near Elephant areas- so [...]

Cyclone Hudhud

[Revision] GS3: Environment, Conservation, Disaster-Management: Cyclone Hudhud, Kashmir Floods, Clean India & Ganga

[Block-1] Disaster Management Disaster#1: Cyclone Hudhud Rescue operation: operation “Lehar” Suggestions/ Precautions/reforms Ain’t nothing called national calamity Benefits of Ham radio Social media in disaster Management Disater#2: Kashmir floods Mission Sahayata Suggestion/ precaution/ reforms [Block-2] Cleaning India and Ganga B1: Swachh Bharat / [...]