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Economic Policy Challenges in Asia

ECONOMIC POLICY CHALLENGES IN ASIA   Recently a three day conference jointly organised by Ministry of Finance and IMF regarding Advancing Asia: Investing for the Future was held in New Delhi. It was attended by finance ministers and representatives of 30 countries of Asia and the [...]

how internet works

[Diplomacy] WCIT Conference Dubai, ITU: Why failed, Internet Censorship, ICANN, DNS explained

What is ITU? What does ITU do? Why Conference in Dubai? How does Internet work? Why do Russia China hate ICANN? What is ICANN? Functions of ICANN Why did WCIT Conference fail? Why USA opposed the ITU treaty? #1: Internet Governance #2: Network [...]

[CDS/SSB] Tips on Personal Interview and Conference: Dos and Don’ts

Before the interview Pre-interview preparations Interview Hands Eyes Sitting Posture Interview Questions Conference Process of conference This is the second part in the guest article series by Mr.Ketankumar Patil for CDS/SSB Interview tips. In the first article, he provided the overview of the various tests [...]

COP-19-UNFCC Warsaw timeline

[COP-19/UNFCC] Warsaw Climate Change Conference, India’s Stand, Outcomes, Limitation

Prologue Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDG) Loss and damage REDD+ Money India’s stand @COP-19 Warsaw We want CBDR We’re not irresponsible India’s stand on Agriculture vs climate change India’s stand on Money 4 climate change India’s stand on HFC India’s stand on Technology transfer [...]

[Diplomacy] MFN Status for India in Pakistan: Meaning, implications; Reforms in MEA, APF-HR conference

D1: If Pakistan gives MFN Status to India D2: Reforms in Ministry of External Affairs D3: APF-Human rights conference 2014 D1: If Pakistan gives MFN Status to India Q. What is MFN? What benefits could Indian gain by MFN-status in Pakistan? Why hasn’t the deal [...]

Syrian Crisis explained

[Syria] British aid to Syrian Rebels, Geneva-II conference, India’s Stakes

Syrian Crisis: Background Main rebels against Prez. Assad Why UK stopped giving Aid? Why UK resumed giving aid? India’s stakes in Syria Geneva II conference Syrian Crisis: Background Syrian Civil war has its roots in Arab Spring movement against corrupt/ ineffective regimes. Nowadays, it [...]