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Spark Plug: The Biggest Exit – Brexit (British withdrawal from the EU)

Dear Aspirants. In continuation with our ‘Spark Plug’ series, today we are presenting an article on “BREXIT“.Must read this article to know the global impact on economy, trade & political view and most importantly What will be the Impact on India? This article will help in your preparation [...]

British Policy towards Princely States

  देशी रियासतों के प्रति ब्रिटिश नीति (British Policy towards Princely States) यद्यपि ब्रिटिश शासन की रियासतों के प्रति कोई निश्चित नीति नहीं थी, तथापि उन्होंने देश, कारक व परिस्थिति के अनुसार राजनैतिक सर्वोच्चता को प्राप्त करने के लिए विभिन्न प्रकार की नीतियों का अनुसरण किया। [...]

भारत में अंग्रेजों की कम्पनी की स्थापना (Establishment of the British company in India)

  भारत में अंग्रेजों की कम्पनी की स्थापना (Establishment of the British company in India) 31 दिसम्बर 1600 को ब्रिटेन की महारानी एलिजावेथ प्रथम ने एक अंग्रेज कम्पनी को 15 वर्ष के लिए पूर्व के साथ व्यापार करने की अनुमति प्रदान की। इस कम्पनी का प्रारम्भिक [...]

Timeline-British India land tenures

[Land Reforms] British Land tenure System: features, Consequences of Permanent Settlement, Ryotwari, Mahalwari

Prologue What is land reform? Players in Land tenure system? The State Owner Superior tenants Inferior Tenants Share croppers Landless laborers Land Tenure System: British Legacy Permanent Settlement: Features Permanent Settlement: Consequences Ryotwari System Ryotwari System: Features Ryotwari System: Consequences Mahalwari System Mahalwari System: [...]

Timeline-Peasant revolts before 1857

[Land Reforms] Peasant Revolts for Land reforms during British Raj

Prologue Peasant struggles in British India Peasant Revolts before 1857 Sanyasi Revolt, 1772 Pagal Panthi, 1830s-40s Santhal, 1855 Revolts after 1857’s Mutiny Indigo Movement (1859-60) Deccan Riots (1874-75) Ramosi, 1877-87 No-Revenue Movements (1893-1900) Birsa Munda’s Ulgulan (1899) Rajasthan: 1913-17 Champaran Indigo Satyagraha (1917) [...]

Timeline Land reforms Congress role

[Land Reforms] Role of Indian Congress in Land reforms during the British Raj, Gandhi’s Views on Land Reforms, All India Kisan Sabha

Prologue #1: Land reforms Congress in Provincial Governments 1937 @Bihar @Uttar Pradesh @Bombay @Other Provinces Overall Limitations #2: Congress Resolutions 4farmers @Karachi session, 1931 @Firozpur Session, 1936 @election manifesto,1937 Other resolutions/Manifestos Rise of All India Kisan Sabha Kisan Manifesto, 1936 Limitation of All [...]

Syrian Crisis explained

[Syria] British aid to Syrian Rebels, Geneva-II conference, India’s Stakes

Syrian Crisis: Background Main rebels against Prez. Assad Why UK stopped giving Aid? Why UK resumed giving aid? India’s stakes in Syria Geneva II conference Syrian Crisis: Background Syrian Civil war has its roots in Arab Spring movement against corrupt/ ineffective regimes. Nowadays, it [...]

Warren Hastings Maharaja Nandkumar

[Entry of Europeans] Thuggee in British India, Whistleblower Maharaja Nandakumar, Tipu Sultan

Prologue Thuggee in British India Maharaja Nandakumar: 1st Whistleblower of India? Tipu Sultan and his Ring vs. East India Company Prologue I’m in process of restructuring new and old articles to make site more revision friendly. You can see the entire Archive at Mrunal.org/history [...]