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Energy Conservation Building Code 2017, Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)

What: Developed by Ministry of Power and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) along with technical support from United States Agency for International Development (USAID), ECBC 2017 prescribes the energy performance standards for new commercial buildings to be constructed across India. The updated version of ECBC provides [...]

[Yearbook] Bio Control Agents, Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana, ICAR, Krishi Vigyan Kendra

What is BioControl Agent? What is Krishi Vigyan Kendra What is What is ICAR? What is Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana Mock Questions What is BioControl Agent? is a method of controlling pests, weeds and plant diseases using other living organisms (insect, parasite or pathogens). [...]

food chain pyramids

[Food Chain] Trophic Levels, Biotic Potential, Bio Magnification & IGNOU Material on Environment and biodiversity (free Download)

Food Chain What is Trophic Level? Type of Food Chains Ecological Pyramids Types of Pyramids Food Web Energy Flow in the Ecosystem 2nd law of themodynamics Connection: Trophic level vs Energy flow Energy=Unidirectional Nutrients/Material=Cyclic DDT and Biomagnification Biotic Potential. Carrying Capacity Interspecies relations [...]

Environment--giant clam

[Science-Tech] TheHindu June-July-Aug: (Part 2 of 3) Agriculture, Environment Biodiversity (EnB), Economics of Animal rearing, Uttarakhand Tragedy, Runaway Greenhouse, Bio Refinary

Prologue [Agro]: Economics of Animal Rearing #1: Fowl Breeding & Tribal Development (MP) #2: Goats rearing, Small Marginal Farmers (Kerala) [Agro] Research: New Varieties Himalayan Wonder Yamuna Safed-5 Onion Bulbets [Agro]:Fertilizer/Manure related #1: Liquid Manure #2: Vermicompost #3: Organic cultivation [Agro]: Misc. #1: [...]