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[GSM2] Comparing Constitution: USA- Presidential election, primaries, Bill of rights, separation of powers, for UPSC GS Mains Paper-2

Prologue CmC/P1: Comparing Constitution: USA- separation of Powers for GSM2 CmC/P2: US Presidential Powers, Election, Primaries for GSM2 Prologue Pratik Nayak covered the American revolution for World History for General Studies Mains Paper 1 (GSM1) Now, continuing on that topic’s development- he shift to [...]


Spark Plug – Know About Insolvency & Bankruptcy Bill Code 2015

Dear Aspirants, In continuation with our ‘Spark Plug’ series, today we are presenting a detail article on‘Insolvency & Bankruptcy Bill Code 2015′. Must read this article to know the importance of this bill and also get the answer of the questions like – How this Bill will help [...]

[Economy] Land Acquisition bill 2011 : Salient Features, Pro Con analysis

Land acquisition topic is very important for almost all competitive exams of India starting from UPSC, State PSC, CPF, APFC, Bank and MBA Group Discussion / Interviews. What is Land Acquisition? How is this process governed? Land is a state subject then how can [...]

[Polity] Article 371-J: Special Status for Hyderabad-Karnataka region (118th Constitutional Amendment Bill)

What is 118th Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2012? What is Article 371? What is Article 371-J? What is Domicile requirement? Where do Domicile requirements apply? What is 118th Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2012? It seeks to amend Article 371 of the Constitution of India. to insert [...]

Mohan Public Procurement

[Polity] Public Procurement Bill 2012: Meaning, Salient Features, explained

Topic particularly important for UPSC Mains examination- Public Administration Paper I ->5th Topic : Accountability and control. What is Public Procurement? What is the problem in Public Procurement system? Where does the bill apply? Where does the bill not apply? Salient Features / Provisions [...]

[Yearbook] DGCA and new Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Bill

What is DGCA? What is Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Bill? Structure of CAA Autonomy: Finance Autonomy: Personnel What are the functions of DGCA ? DGCA=Directorate General of Civil Aviation It is a regulatory body under Ministry of Civil Aviation. The main functions of DGCA, following: [...]

[Polity] Rights of Persons with Mental illness and [Public Health] Mental Healthcare Bill: Features, Criticism

Two issues with Mental illness #1: Taboo #2 Abuse What is Mental Illness? Examples of Mental Illness Rights given to Mentally ill patients Right to Non-discrimination Right to live with dignity Confidentiality Free treatment Right to Humane Treatment without cruelty Right to Personal [...]

[Polity] Prohibition of Unfair Practices in Schools Bill 2012 and Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE): Features, functions

What is CABE? Objectives of the bill? Unfair Practices Prohibited under the Bill Punishment Anti-argument Mock Questions What is CABE? Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), is the highest advisory body to advise the Union and State Governments in the field of education. Particularly for [...]

Banking regulation Act

[Economy] Banking Amendment Bill: Issues, Features, Problems, Reforms meaning explained

What is Banking Regulation Act? RBI Power #1: Can remove entire Board of a Bank RBI Power #2: Connected Lending Prevention RBI Power #3: Unclaimed Accounts Public Banks Issue#1: Need consolidation Public Banks Issue#2: Need more investment Banks issue #3: More voting rights [...]

[Polity] Chhattisgarh Food Security Bill 2012: Salient Features

Who is not covered? Who gets benefit? Arguments: Chhattisgarh Food Security bill National Food Security Bill fiasco =Direct Cash transfer? #1: Fiscal Deficit #2: Identification of Beneficiaries #3: lack Manpower and Administrative machinary Some Food Quotes for thought Who is not covered? Following families have [...]

[Economy] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Meaning, provision in Companies Bill 2012

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Examples of CSR? Why CSR? Methods of CSR? Companies Bill 2012 Who is covered? Provision? Punishment? CSR: Pro-Arguments CSR: Anti-Arguments What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Corporate social responsibility. Activities done by a company to give social-economic-environmental benefits to the [...]

[Polity] DNA Profiling Bill: Features,Applications,Criticism

What is DNA profiling? Why DNA profiling? Real life Application: Pune Blast DNA Profiling India vs China+USA? Salient Features of DNA profiling Bill Structure Anti-Arguments Doesn’t increase crime-detection Misuse for Caste identification Mistake is possible Evidence Tempering Suggestions Timeline Mock Questions What is DNA [...]