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What do you understand by project management? What information should be included in a project proposal and why ?

Ans. Project management is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of company resources for a relatively short term objectives, which has been established to complete specific goals and objectives. Project management utilize the system approach to management by having functions preserved (the vertical hierarchy) [...]

What information should be included in a project proposal and why?

Ans. Before beginning a business, project proposal is done. The project efficiency depends upon its planning so it is necessary to plan the project with care. Project report should contain the information on technical, production, managerial and economic aspects. Generally the project report should [...]

What are main skills required to be a successful manager?

Ans. The main skills required to be successful manager can be classified as follows- (i) Human Relation Skills - The ability to work effectively with others and build cooperative work ·groups to obtain organizational goals, is referred to as human relation skill. (a) Leadership Skills -Leadership [...]

How the tunneling can be achieved through penetration of barrier?

Ans. If the width of the step potential becomes finite say, the potential step extends from x = 0 to x = d, i.e., the thickness of the potential barrier is d, then we will get the tunneling phenomenon of barrier penetration also called 'quantum leak'. [...]