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Compulsive Patent Hoarding, Tolerance as a duty, Current Affairs – 24th March, 2017

Compulsive Patent Hoarding Introduction Patents have been seen as a measure of research and design modalities. Off late there has been a rush towards hoarding patents and that has created cost on tax payers money. Hence there are concerns on the methodologies of the same. The [...]

MOSFET as an Amplifier. Small-Signal Equivalent Circuit Models

As with the BJT, we can use MOSFETs as AC small-signal amplifiers. An example is the so-called conceptual MOSFET amplifier shown in This is only a “conceptual” amplifier for two primary reasons: 1. The bias with VGS is impractical. (Will consider others later.) 2. In ICs, resistors [...]

12 June is Being Observed as World Day Against Child Labour

Every year 12th June is observed as the World Day against Child Labour across world to spread awareness against child labour. �End child labour in supply chains � It�s everyone�s business. � is the theme of 2016. Importance of the day: The observation of [...]

Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad Sworn in as Chief Justice of Manipur HC

Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad the most senior Judge of the Manipur High Court has taken charge of the Chief Justice of the High Court by succeeding Justice Laxmi Kanta Mohapatra due to her relinquished the charge of office. President Pranab Mukherjee had transferred Justice Rakesh [...]

Shale Gas Deposit-Diagram

[Environment] Shale Gas: Advantages and limitations as an Energy source

What is Shale Gas? What’re its Advantages? What’re its limitations? What is Shale Gas? Shale gas is natural gas formed from being trapped within shale formations. Shale gas—an “unconventional” source of methane, like coal-bed gas (in coal seams) and tight gas (trapped in rock [...]

[Result] SBI PO 2013 final result is out, 1513 candidates selected as probationary officers

Finally SBI PO-2013 final result is declared. Result PDF uploaded here: sbi.co.in/webfiles/uploads/files/1375697334447_SBI_PO_ROLL_NUMBERS_ENGLISH.pdf  (alternative link) if SBI server too busy click me for google docs link @Those who’re selected Congratulation and download your selection-letter from here: sbi.co.in/user.htm?action=sbiporesultaug Total 1513 candidates selected Maximum selections in the roll number range [...]


(September 2013) Write Articles, Win Books +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone

Update 1st October: Competition is closed, Deadline is over, and Result has been announced. Click me The Competition & Prizes Technical Requirements Topic Requirements Language Requirements Good Faith Where to send the article? About the Books to Win #1: CSAT Paper II (Aptitude) Manual [...]


(October 2013) Write Articles, Win World History Books +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone, 25th Oct last date to submit

Technical Requirements Where to send the article? Topic Requirements: Language Requirements: Good Faith About the World History books Jain and Mathur: A History of the Modern World Norman Lowe: Mastering Modern World History Arjun Dev: History of the World FAQ After the grand success [...]

Book-cover-IR-peu ghosh

(Nov-2013) Write Articles, Win IR/Diplomacy Books +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone, 25th Nov last date to submit

Update: competition over and result has been declared. click me to see it Technical Requirements Where to send the article? Topic Requirements Language Requirements: Good Faith Requirements: About the IR/Diplomacy Book Prizes Peu Ghosh Shashi Tharoor VP Dutt FAQ After the grand success of writing [...]

UPSC English paper Mains 2013

[Download] Compulsory English 2013 Question Paper of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam + last 17 years as Bonus(1997-2013)

Compulsory English: 2012 vs 2013 2013: Compulsory English Paper Essay (100m) Comprehension (50m) Précis #1 (60m) Précis #2 (40m) Make sentences (10m) Antonym (5m) Sentence Correction (10m) Do as directed (15m) Fill in the Blanks (10m) Download previous papers (1997-2013)? Compulsory English: 2012 vs [...]