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Creative Guidance – The Art of Saying No – Inspirational & Educative Articles

The Art of Saying No: There is no success for the one who cannot say no. In a world where everybody is trying to grab your attention; from newspapers to television, from internet to cell phones, from movies to promotions, there is nothing more important [...]

[Strategy] The Art of Preparing for Aptitude Exams

Rule #1: Maintain a Diary of Mistakes Rule #2: Get your hands “DIRTY” Rule #3: Know when to give up the fight. The Mock-test “SERIES” for CSAT Previous Articles on Aptitude Rule #1: Maintain a Diary of Mistakes Consider this equation x-33=(17/2) =>2x -33 =17 =>2x=17+33 =>2x=50 hence x=25. Wrong! [...]

Indian Art Architecture Bundi school

[Culture] Indian Art Architecture and Painting Schools (Mindmap cum note)

This is a note cum mindmap on Indian Art Architecture is shared by a regular reader who wishes to remain anonymous. If you want to contribute any more data in this topic, please share it in comments! Gandhara Art Rajput painting Saranatha pillar Gopurum [...]

Discuss the statement management is an art struggling to become a science Or Is management a science or art ? explain clearly . Or Weather management is an art or science discuss .

Ans. Management a science and an art . science is a systematically organized body of knowledge based on proper finding and exact principle is capable of verification . the generation are made on the basic of empirical studies and so they may be applicable [...]