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INDIAN Army – The Symbol Of Courage, Valor And Sacrifice

January 15, 1949: Field Marshal K M. Kariappa, the first Indian Commander-in-Chief, took over from a British General. Since then this day is being celebrated as Indian Army Day. What is the significance of this day for the country and for the army? Though we got [...]

[Diplomacy] Joseph Koni, Lord’s Resistance Army, Uganda Child Soldiers

Lord’s Resistance Army Timeline Joseph Koni and his atrocities Kony 2012 – Viral Campaign on Youtube Lord’s Resistance Army The Lord’s Resistance Army is a rebel group led by leader Joseph Kony. The group originated in Northern Uganda as a movement to fight for [...]

Nepal Maoists in UN cantonments

[Diplomacy] Nepal Logjam (Part 2 of 3): Merger of Maoists with Army, Anti-India Campaign, Why Elections are not held

Introduction Rehab of Maoist Combatants Problem areas in Maoist Army merger Maoist MNREGA scam Trouble in Cantonment Power struggle within Maoist Party Kiran’s makes new Party Against Prachanda Against Baburam Bhattarai People’s Constitution Against India Anti-India stand of Maoists Babu vs Prachanda @RIO+20 [...]