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[Diplomacy] UN Secretary General: Selection, Appointment, Powers, Signifiance, Limitations, Antonio Guterres for UPSC Prelims and Mains GS2

Selection process of UN Secretary General Latest selection: Antonio Guterres Informal rotation system UN Secretary General: significance and limitations Selection process of UN Secretary General Q. Discuss in brief, the selection procedure for the post of United Nations Secretary General. संयुक्त राष्ट्र महासचिव पद की चयन [...]

[Economy] Banking Ombudsman: Meaning, functions, appointment, reforms explained

What is Banking Ombudsman (BO)? Appointment & Tenure Jurisdiction Procedure for getting justice? How does BO settle complaint? Punishment Appellate authority for Banking Ombudsman Reforms and Issues #1: Netbanking frauds #2: Need more BOs Location of Offices Mock questions From UPSC point of view, [...]

[Bodies] Judicial Appointment Commission (JAC), Fixed Tenure for Chief Justice of India

P1: Judicial appointment commission P2: Fixed Tenure for CJI? P1: Judicial appointment commission At present, the judges in SC/HC are selected via a collegium method. But this method is opaque, and lacks accountability. Therefore, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice recommended creating JAC. [...]

India Leader of Opposition Lok Sabha

[Parliament] Leader of Opposition (LoP) appointment controversy, 10% Rule, Consequences

Leader of Opposition (LoP) in India Parliament 10% rule: episodes in past? LoP and Appointment Committees Arguments: Government vs Opposition Mock questions Leader of Opposition (LoP) in India Parliament 1977: The leaders of opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were given statutory recognition. [...]