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[Science] Injectable Contraceptive, 3 Parent Baby, Twins, Clones, Types of Sexual and Asexual Reproductions in Plants and Animals

Prologue Reproduction: Two Types Asexual reproduction: Subtypes Sexual reproduction in plants Pollinating Agents: Two Types Pollination: Two types Fruits: Types of Sexual reproduction in Animals Family planning Methods Classification Current Affairs: Injectable contraceptives Current Affairs: Three Parent Baby Twin Babies- Theory Cloning- Theory [...]

Difference Turtle vs Tortoise

[Conservation] Olive Ridley, Star Tortoise, Dancing frogs, Dwarf Gecko & other amphibian animals

Olive Ridley Mass Hatching lights OFF! Star Tortoise vs Olive Ridley Turtle [Newfound] Dancing frogs in Western Ghats Dwarf Gecko, Maharashtra Sengi Elephant Shrew, Africa Deaths from Snake bites Olive Ridley Mass Hatching lights OFF! IUCN status: “endangered” Olive Ridleys are found in warm [...]