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[Download] UPSC Mains-2016: General Studies Paper-3: Economy, Agriculture, Science-Tech, Environment, Diaster incl. Hindi & Past Topicwise papers since syllabus change

Instructions for UPSC Mains 2016 GS Paper-3 GSM3-2016: Question paper in linear format incl. Hindi Observations / Analysis: GS Mains paper3 (2016) Relevance of Mrunal.org / Bogus marketing propaganda Topicwise Papers since Syllabus Change [Block #1] Economy Growth and Resource mobilization Economy: Budget [...]

[Current] Sept-2016: Environment, Agriculture, Space, Public Healthcare, ICT: Scramjet, SCATSAT, 3DR; Kibali Summit & More

Prologue Environment & Agriculture: Sept-2016 Ratification of Paris Summit Kigali summit and HFCs Env: Disasters and Typhoons Env: Pollution & Energy Env: Flora-Fauna Agriculture Public Healthcare: Sept-2016 Mosquito & Fever related Genetics related Innovation and Research Yearbook type Space-Tech: Sept-2016 Mobile & IT: [...]

[Answerkey] UPSC Prelim-2016: Environment, Agriculture, Geography, Flora-Fauna, Summits, with Explanations for all CSAT Sets A, B, C and D

Environment Biodiversity compared to last year UPSC Road ahead for Environment, biodiversity Conclusion: 2016 GS Paper- overall current and toughness Environment: International Treaties / Org: 10 MCQs Environment: National Schemes/Yearbook type: 6 MCQs Environment: Flora-Fauna: 5 MCQs Geography and Agriculture compared to last [...]


[BES16] Economic Survey → Sectors → Agriculture: Producing More from less inputs, MicroIrrigation, PM Fasal Sinchai, Endosufan & More

BES164/P1: Agriculture: More from Less Water, Micro irrigation BES164/P2: Agriculture-Urea DBT, Endosulfan pesticide, Biocontrol Agents, Organic farming, Pulses BES164/P3: Agriculture Insurance, Credit, e-NAM, Animal Husbandry, Krishonnati-Yojana BES164/P1: Agriculture: More from Less Water, Micro irrigation Pre-requisite self-study before starting this lecture Budget-2016 taxation provisions for [...]

Biofertilizers classification

[Agriculture] BioFertilizers & Green Manure: Meaning, use, advantages, disadvantages

Biofertilizers Examples of BioFertilizers: Pros and Cons Green Manure Examples of Green Manure Pros and Cons of Green Manure? Advantages Disadvantage What is Biofertilizer? Biofertilzier is a substance containing living microorganisms. It can be applied to seed, plant surfaces, or soil. Biofertilizer improves the [...]

[Economy] 9% GDP and 4% Agriculture growth: Fodder material for Essay and Interviews

What is the theme of 12th Five Year plan? What are the main targets of 12th FYP? Government’s role in Development Time Factor Inflation Exports Policy environment Labour Reducing the fiscal deficit Strategy #1: Increase revenues Strategy#2: Reduce non-Plan expenditure. Railways: Cross subsidization [...]

[Economic Survey Ch1] Agriculture challanges, tax to GDP, steps by Government (part 3 of 3)

AGRO and Food Management Agriculture: Problem areas? #1: Land holding #2: Nutritional security #3: Supply Chain  Management Kelkar Tax to GDP ratio? Steps Taken by Government AGRO and Food Management Agro + allied industries Approx. number Share in India’s GDP 14% (2011-12) Share in total employment 58% (2001) The declining [...]

[Economic Survey Ch8] Agriculture and Food Management

India’s rank in Agro production FYP Achievement: Agro Crop Seasons National Monsoon Mission Sugar Ethanol Blending Program Edible Oil Agro input Fertilizers: NIP 2012 Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) Irrigation ICAR: programs Procurement Missions National Food Security Mission (2007) National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture [...]

Topper Anup AIR 140 CSE 2012

[Topper’s Interview] Anoop Shetty (AIR 140 /CSE-2012) Kannada Litt, Agriculture, No Coaching

Bio Coaching Inception Study Momentum Strategy: CSAT (Aptitude) Strategy: General studies (GS) Mains 2013 Optional Subject #1: Agriculture Optional Subject #2: Kannada Literature Optional Subject in Mains 2013? Compulsory papers Essay Previous Attempts Insecurity  about “Profile” Career Backup Family and Friends Interview Marksheet [...]

How El Nino Works

[Science-Tech] TheHindu (March2May) (Part 1 of 3): Agriculture, Environment-Biodiversity, Silage, Salt Pump, Sagar Nidhi, El Nino Modoki & more

Prologue Agriculture Caffeine NAA, IAA Plant hormones Potash fertilizer e-Velanmai Citrus greening Membrane transporters Silage Farm Ponds High density multi species cropping system SRI Rice cultivation High Density Planting (HDP) Ornamental fish farming Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) Climate / Geography related Salt Pump [...]