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Daily Current Affairs – 19th January, 2017

Focussing on marginal farmers A rising concern According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 2,195 marginal farmers and 3,618 small farmers reportedly committed suicide in 2015. Curiously, a larger number of small farmers rather than marginal farmers reportedly committed suicide in States like Maharashtra, [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 18th January, 2017

Municipal waste management- Waste to energy plants To manage solid waste or garbage in cities, there are three steps to it Segregation of biodegradable or wet waste from dry waste at source. Once segregation is achieved, municipal governments can use wet waste to produce compost [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 17th January, 2017

Climate Change – Impact and Innovations Introduction Climate change is a phenomenon which is often related to natural disasters such as heat wave, floods and cyclones. However, other than these disasters, climate change is bound to have many other effects as well. These effects might lead [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 16th January, 2017

RBI, Ministry of Finance and Autonomy In news: the demonetisation decision has once again floated the much debated topic of diminishing autonomy of the central bank and overpowering by the government Background The decision of scrapping 86% of the currency in circulation was mostly welcomed due [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 14th January, 2017

Healthcare Data – Challenges and Reforms Introduction Apart from the increasing burden of communicable and non communicable diseases in India, another major challenge that needs to be taken care of is the quality of health sector data. Health sector data in India is not of top notch [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 13th January, 2017

Restructuring India’s Urban Strategy Introduction The present government in India has urbanisation and development of cities on top of its agenda. The same is visible from the policies focussing on the same such as Smart Cities Mission, mass rapid transit systems such as the metro services [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 12th January, 2017

Review of India’s Asian Strategy Introduction Nations which have an important role to play in shaping international relations have restructured their foreign policies, both with respect to defence and economy, as per the needs of the evolving geopolitics. Countries such as the U.S., China and Russia [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 11th January, 2017

India Africa Relationship – Kenya Focus Introduction India has worked hard on maintaining a cordial relationship with Africa and its nations. Both the previous and the present government have done sufficiently well in this regard. The present government boasts of holding the India-Africa Forum Summit in [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 10th January, 2017

Women Safety- Making Cities Safe In news: the New Year eve ‘mass molestation’ incident in Bengaluru has brought back the focus once again on women’s safety as well as public consciousness. Though no complaint had been filed initially, the police have taken up investigation based [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 5th January, 2017

India Bangladesh Relationship Introduction India was the first country to recognize Bangladesh as a separate and independent state and established diplomatic relations with the country immediately after its independence in December 1971. India had played a very huge role in Bangladesh’s freedom struggle. India’s links with Bangladesh are [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 3rd January, 2017

Reservation- Eligibility and non-eligibility  In news: The country has suddenly witnessed spike in agitations coming across the dominant sections, more bluntly- the dominant castes of the society, to get reservations. This is validated from the agitations carried out by Patidars in Gujarat, the Marathas in [...]