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Daily Current Affairs – 6th February, 2016

Auto components: growth through innovation and competitiveness The vibrant automotive industry in India produced over 25 million vehicles (two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers) in 2015, of which nearly three million were exported. The bedrock for this large-scale production has been the automotive components suppliers that [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 6th April, 2016

Are simultaneous elections to Panchayat, Assembly and Lok Sabha feasible? The present Prime Minister’s recent suggestion that elections to the Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and local bodies should be held simultaneously has brought to centre stage an issue that has been raised intermittently, for years. [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 6th May, 2016

How not to fight corruption? The Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA): It is the key legislation which defines what constitutes corruption and prescribes penalties for corruption-related offences It is presently set to be amended by Parliament and the proposed Bill, now before a select committee [...]