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Bilateral Investment Treaties and concerns, Lateral movement in civil services Current Affairs – 29th March, 2017

Bilateral Investment Treaties and concerns Introduction In a globalised economy foreign investment and multilateral agreements are crucial in today’s economic architecture. Especially in a time period where protectionism is on the rise and with events like Brexit and new government in USA concern have risen for [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 29th January, 2016

Fashioning a Banking Turn- Public Sector Banks Looking at the India’s domestic macroeconomic situation, one might perceive that the economy is well ahead on its road towards growth and development but the sad reality is starkly visible- the banking sector continuously facing challenges due [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 29th March, 2016

India lagging behind in Innovation Data- International patent applications filed from India dropped to 1,423 last year Make in India initiative: Has notched up overseas investment commitments of more than $400 billion over the past two years Government- Plans to create 100 million new factory [...]