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Daily Current Affairs – 24th January, 2017

UAE – Gulf Countries and Changing dynamics with Asia Introduction This year’s Republic day guest is the crown prince of UAE Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The country and the region is significant to India in geopolitical, strategic and changed economics of the [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 24th February, 2016

Bringing India’s growth online On February 29, observers around the world will be watching as India’s government presents its 2016-2017 Budget. They will be looking for signs that India, today the world’s fastest expanding major economy, will continue to grow at pace, and help [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 24th March, 2016

E-waste Management in India Industrial revolution followed by the advances in information technology during the last century has radically changed people’s lifestyle. Although this development has helped the human race, mismanagement has led to new problems of contamination and pollution. With nearly 1.7 million [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 24th May, 2016

Water Pricing Regime Water scarcity is defined as the ratio of total surface/groundwater footprint to surface/groundwater availability in a given river basin. If the ratio is 1, it means that available surface/groundwater is being fully utilized—moderate scarcity WFN database recognizes four kinds of water [...]